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Research Design

How you ask matters. We design survey questionnaires tailored to the problems you’re trying to solve. Through best practices and industry knowledge, we’ll guide you through the best sampling strategy to get the highest response rate for your research.

Research Management

As your needs change, so will your business objectives and challenges. iperceptions proactively evolves your research and ensures that you can tackle unexpected challenges and minimize the impact they have on your data.

Data Analysis

Our experience in CX research, digital analytics, and knowledge of your industry, allows us to transform your customer feedback and behavior into meaningful information by using advanced statistical analysis techniques. We then produce individualized dashboards and Issue Based Analyses (IBAs), which supply you with specific and actionable recommendations.


With real-time access to customer feedback and other data sources, iperceptions takes reporting to the next level. Our tailor-made interactive dashboards are built to your needs, and allow you to leverage our expertise in data integration, consolidation, and visualization.

User Experience (UX)

To have a seamless user experience, you need a deep understanding of your users’ needs, wants and expectations. That’s why our usability experts use customer feedback as a road map to deep dive into the design and functionality of your website, and provide recommendations focused on boosting your conversion rates.

Customer Journey Mapping

Is there a gap in how both you and your customers perceive your CX? Are you measuring the experience at each critical moment of their journey to address these gaps? In partnership with CSPN, we will help you get the full story behind every key experience along the customer journey, so you can support your CX decisions with confidence.

Customer Success

To keep the needle pointing in the right direction, our team provides training on the iperceptions platform and technology. Complimented by our ongoing technical support, we ensure your success is prioritized.

Implementation and QA

Limited resources and aggressive timelines only make us work harder for you. As you continuously update your surveys, we monitor data quality, troubleshoot implementation issues, check for spelling and grammar errors, and more. By integrating your customer feedback with other tools, you’ll avoid delays, internal resource headaches, and stay within budget.


When iperceptions’ proprietary API connects customer feedback into your favorite marketing technologies, you can enjoy seamless integration and a wide breadth of data. By empowering you with this information, you can execute precise decisions that boost your organization’s efficiency.

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