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Top brands choose iperceptions to power their CX programs


Some of iperceptions' clients

Some of iperceptions' clients

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Reduction in cart abandonment

"We are now able to identify gaps in our customer experience using iperceptions, then validate and understand the details behind the customer feedback thanks to Tealeaf. This integration has been in valuable to helping us optimize all of our online properties."

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"If [visitors] were coming to our site and then abandoning, we wanted to know why. We need to know if we are delivering on their expectations and if we’re not, we need to know what to fix."

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"We were able to better understand our visitors and, in doing so, we identified actionable steps we could take to better our business online. By constantly listening to our customers, we’ve seen tremendous improvement."

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call center costs

"iperceptions’ customer satisfaction metrics are an extremely valuable addition to our existing web analytics program. Their solution provided our entire team with real-time access to critical decision-support data."


Measure across a customer journey

  • Visits your

    Website Survey
  • Goes to
    your store

    In-Store Survey
  • Accesses
    your app

    In-App Survey
  • Uses your

    Email Feedback
  • Interacts with
    customer support

    Automated Phone Survey

Close the loop in real-time

Leave no Customer Experience issue unresolved with help from iperceptions’ real-time, closed-loop feedback solution, iper.loop

Identify issues and take action with iperceptions' closed-loop feedback capabilitiesIdentify issues and take immediate action throughout the customer journey with iperceptions’ closed-loop feedback capabilities.

Engage differently according to satisfaction, comments and user actionsCreate workflows to engage differently according to satisfaction levels, comments and user actions.

Deal with problems immediatelyDeal with problems immediately and prevent customers from becoming detractors of your brand.

Engage on every channel

From surveys to comment cards, iperceptions’ research platform collects feedback from your customers on all touchpoints, and in all contexts.

  • Mobile

    Pre-Post invitationPre-post

    Invite your mobile website customers early in their session via a discreet banner to provide feedback at the end of their visit.

    feebback tab invitationFeedback tab

    Provide a feedback button throughout your mobile website so your customers can leave feedback whenever they want.

  • Desktop

    Pre-post invitationPre-post

    Use a branded, layered invitation to invite your website customers early in their session to provide feedback once they have finished their visit.

    Comment card / Feedback tab invitationComment card / Feedback tab

    Include a feedback button throughout your website to get tactical insights you can act on.

    Slider invitationSlider

    Get quick feedback from your customers by using a small, discreet survey that slides into the customer’s window.

    Smiley invitationSmiley

    Trigger a survey before a customer leaves to better understand how their website experience went.

  • In-app

    In-app pre-post invitation

    Invite your users via a system message to share feedback about their in-app experience.

    In-app comment card / feedback tab invitationComment Card / Feedback Tab
    Include a persistent feedback button to provide your users the ability to share feedback at any point in their experience.

  • SMS

    SMS / text message invitationText Message

    Send a survey to your customers one question at a time after a key event in their customer experience.

  • Social media

    Social media survey link invitationSurvey Link

    Share a link to your survey to easily collect the opinions of your followers.

  • IVR

    IVR / automated questions invitationAutomated Questions

    Automatically call your customers and ask them to respond to pre-recorded survey questions by voice or keypad.

  • Email

    Email feedback invitationEmail Feedback

    Send surveys to your customers, subscribers and prospects to learn about their experience with your brand.

  • On location

    Pre-Post invitation Receipt-Based

    Provide a survey link on your in-store receipts so your customers can share feedback after purchasing your products or services.

    on-location feedback collectionOn-location

    Feedback terminals at strategic locations asking people to rate their satisfaction with a specific aspect of their experience.


Analyze & Predict

Analyze survey responsesAnalyze survey responses, behavioral data and open-ended feedback to understand what your customers like and dislike about their experience with your brand.

Discover emerging trendsIdentify the key drivers of experience with predictive modelling. Discover emerging trends in customer feedback with our AI powered text analytics engine.

managing software on multiple devices

Optimize the Customer Experience

iperceptions’ API connects customer feedback into your favorite marketing technologies. Gain power with new segmentation and workflow capabilities.

Uncover the “why” behind your customers’ behavior and take action in real time with iperceptions’ combination of expertise, research methods and technology

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All the CX Improvements Without The Heavy Lifting

Escape limitations

Escape the limitations of a one-size-fits-all approach.

Skip technical implementation and research management

Skip the hassle of technical implementation and research management.

Get a tailored approach with iperceptions

Only iperceptions’ expert-guided approach tailors research and technology to your needs.

Experts you can count on

  • Research Design
  • Technical Implementation
  • Project management
  • Analysis

Extension of your brand

  • Branded Look and Feel
  • Behavioral Triggering
  • 35 Languages
  • Handicap Accessibility

Proven Analysis Methods

  • Custom-built Dashboards
  • Cross-channel Consolidation
  • AI-Powered Text Analytics
  • Statistical Modeling

Enterprise-Class Technology

  • Research Management Platform
  • Security Control
  • One-Code Installation
  • Integrate With Any System

Why iperceptions stands out

Rest easy in the guidance of experts who speak your language and offer a clear path to improving your KPIs so you can align internally and execute faster than the competition.

Expert-guided approachBenefit from our expert-guided approach

Listening to and acting on customer feedback on a global scale is complex. From day one of our partnership, our experts will guide you through best practices born out of the thousands of Voice of the Customer programs we have meticulously managed since 1999.

Unrivaled flexibilityMeet your exact needs with our unrivaled flexibility

Your brand is unique. That’s why our solution is customizable at all levels and across all channels: from technology and research to analysis and reporting.

Save time and moneyDeepen your talent pool to save time and money

Count on our experts to help you with all or part of your Customer Experience Management program. With your team liberated from the heavy lifting, you can focus on taking action on the insights uncovered by our experts.


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