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Platform & Capabilities

Everything you need for your most complex feedback projects

Enterprise-class features

When your company operates globally, you need a foundation you can trust. A platform that seamlessly collects feedback on all your touchpoints, in multiple countries and in multiple languages, all without any limits on the number of survey responses you collect.

With world-class security, high-volume capabilities and enterprise-level infrastructure, iperceptions' Enterprise platform is the #1 choice of global brands.

Enterprise-Class features in every voice of the customer survey

Engage on every channel

From surveys to comment cards, iperceptions’ Enterprise platform collects feedback from your customers and users on all your touchpoints, and in all contexts.


Invite your mobile website visitors early in their session via a discreet banner to provide feedback at the end of their visit.

Feedback tab

Provide a feedback button throughout your mobile website, so your customers can leave feedback whenever they want.


Use a branded, layered invitation to invite your website customers early in their session to provide feedback once they have finished their visit.


Get quick feedback from your customers by using a small, discreet survey that slides into the customer’s window.

Comment Card / Feedback tab

Include a feedback button throughout your website to get tactical insights you can act on.


Trigger a survey before a customer leaves to better understand how their website experience went.


Invite your users via a system message to share feedback about their in-app experience.

Comment Card / Feedback tab

Include a persistent feedback button to provide your users the ability to share feedback at any point in their experience.

Text Message

Send a survey to your customers one question at a time after a key event in their offline or online customer experience.

Survey Link

Share a link to your survey to easily collect the opinions of your followers.

Automated Questions

Automatically call your customers and ask them to respond to pre-recorded survey questions by voice or keypad.

Email Feedback

Send surveys to your customers, subscribers and prospects to learn about their experiences with your brand.


Provide a survey link on your in-store receipts so your customers can share feedback after purchasing your products or services.


Place feedback terminals at strategic locations asking people to rate their satisfaction with a specific aspect of their offline experience.

Launch complex VoC research, easily

One installation code

Put one JavaScript code (our "Universal Code") on your website to manage all your surveys and comment cards.

Dedicated SDKs

Use iperceptions' SDKs for iOS and Android to start easily collecting your in-app users' feedback and measuring their experience.

No IT Required

After you implement our Universal Code or SDKs, you don't need to go to your IT team every time to make survey updates.

Multi-brand and region

Run multiple surveys simultaneously for all your different brands, and tackle the most complex feedback projects.

35 supported languages

Speak to your global customers in their language using a survey collection interface that supports 35 languages.

Real-Time Updates

The second you publish changes to your surveys in the iperceptions platform, they will be viewable to your respondents.

Target who you want

Adjustable invitation rate

Set the percentage of customers to be invited on Desktop, Tablet or Mobile devices, and when they can be re-invited in the future.

Intelligent triggering

Invite users when based on the page they are on, how many pages they've viewed, or how long they've been there (among other options).

On-exit survey triggering

Catch your customers before they leave and collect their feedback to learn why they are leaving.

Invite how you want

Layered invitation

A survey invitation that appears over a webpage inviting customers to provide feedback.

Discreet invitation

A small survey invitation that appears on the right hand side of the screen to ask customers to provide feedback.


A survey that slides onto the screen so you can easily collect feedback with minimal intrusion.

Offer an engaging respondent experience

Skip Logic and Branching

Only show certain questions and answers to respondents based on how they answered questions earlier in the survey.


Pull text from a previous respondent's answer into other questions in the survey.


When a respondent answers, the survey automatically advances to the next question.


Respondents can use enhanced keyboard capabilities to complete iperceptions surveys. WCAG 2.0 Level A&AA conformance.

Branded Look & Feel

Customize your surveys so that they reflect the branding on your website.

Custom Thank You Pages

Keep customers engaged after they complete your survey. Embed links to your social media accounts or add HTML content like coupons to your Thank You page.

Ask questions the way you want


Ask your respondents to provide one answer to the question shown.


Ask your respondents to give one or multiple answers to the question shown.


Ask your respondents to rank a list of items based on a certain scale.


Ask your respondents to rate one or multiple items on custom scales.

Open-Ended Text

Ask your respondents to type their answers in a text-entry box.

Net Promoter Score® (NPS®)

Ask your respondents how likely they are to recommend your brand to a friend or colleague.

Contact Info Form

Ask your respondents to share information about themselves in individual fields.

Calculated Fields

Ask your respondents to assign weighting to their answers.

Custom Questions

Create non-numerical scales with icons, test advertising concepts, and more.

Dig deep into your data

Priority Calculator

Quantify what areas of your website you should focus on, so you make improvements that make a difference.


Benchmark by customer intent, site objective and industry.

Text Mining

Quickly discover themes and trends in your customer comments with a text mining tool that automatically interprets concepts.


Slice and dice your customers' responses, and examine relationships

Data Export

Export your responses anytime in Excel, CSV, SPSS and Tableau formats.

Scheduled Reports

Schedule real-time, daily, weekly or monthly reports so you never miss any insights.

Integrate with your marketing technologies

Web Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics or your favorite web analytics tool.

Session Replay

Integrate with Clicktale, Tealeaf, Decibel Insight or your preferred replay tool.


Integrate with Salesforce or your favorite CRM.

Secure, compliant and responsive

IP Masking

Choose to block the collection of respondent IP addresses.

Multi-User Access Levels

Assign editing, publishing and reporting permissions to different users.

99.8%+ Availability

Our platform is designed for high-availability, stability and scalability to ensure your business is never affected.

24/7 Systems Monitoring

Always have access to our online operations team via an emergency support hotline.

Security Controls

Aligned with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) CAI v1.1

Information Security

Policies are formally acknowledged by employees and suppliers, and training is provided twice a year.

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