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Enterprise-Class features in every voice of the customer survey

Enterprise-Class Features

When your company operates globally, you need a foundation you can trust. A platform that seamlessly collects feedback on multiple websites, in multiple countries and in multiple languages, all without any limits on the number of survey responses you collect.

With world-class security, high-volume capabilities and enterprise-level infrastructure, iperceptions' Enterprise platform is the #1 choice of global brands.

Engage on every channel

From surveys to comment cards, iperceptions’ research platform collects feedback from your customers on all touchpoints, and in all contexts.

  • Mobile

    Pre-Post invitationPre-post

    Invite your mobile website customers early in their session via a discreet banner to provide feedback at the end of their visit.

    feebback tab invitationFeedback tab

    Provide a feedback button throughout your mobile website so your customers can leave feedback whenever they want.

  • Desktop

    Pre-post invitationPre-post

    Use a branded, layered invitation to invite your website customers early in their session to provide feedback once they have finished their visit.

    Comment card / Feedback tab invitationComment card / Feedback tab

    Include a feedback button throughout your website to get tactical insights you can act on.

    Slider invitationSlider

    Get quick feedback from your customers by using a small, discreet survey that slides into the customer’s window.

    Smiley invitationSmiley

    Trigger a survey before a customer leaves to better understand how their website experience went.

  • In-app

    In-app pre-post invitation

    Invite your users via a system message to share feedback about their in-app experience.

    In-app comment card / feedback tab invitationComment Card / Feedback Tab
    Include a persistent feedback button to provide your users the ability to share feedback at any point in their experience.

  • SMS

    SMS / text message invitationText Message

    Send a survey to your customers one question at a time after a key event in their customer experience.

  • Social media

    Social media survey link invitationSurvey Link

    Share a link to your survey to easily collect the opinions of your followers.

  • IVR

    IVR / automated questions invitationAutomated Questions

    Automatically call your customers and ask them to respond to pre-recorded survey questions by voice or keypad.

  • Email

    Email feedback invitationEmail Feedback

    Send surveys to your customers, subscribers and prospects to learn about their experience with your brand.

  • On location

    Pre-Post invitation Receipt-Based

    Provide a survey link on your in-store receipts so your customers can share feedback after purchasing your products or services.

    on-location feedback collectionOn-location

    Feedback terminals at strategic locations asking people to rate their satisfaction with a specific aspect of their experience.




Get the most out of your research with our proven survey methodology.

Mobile and Tablet

Mobile and Tablet

Our responsive invitation and collection interface adapts to any device's screen.



Use iperceptions' SDK for iOS and Android to measure your app users' experience.


One installation code for your customer experience survey

One installation code

Put one JavaScript code onto your website to manage all your surveys, comment cards and invitation triggers.

multi-brand and region

Multi-brand and region

Run multiple surveys simultaneously for all your brands, and tackle the most complex feedback projects.

35 supported languages for the voice of the customer surveys

35 supported languages

Speak to your global customers in their language using a survey platform that supports 35 languages.