Insights tailored to your needs

Your brand is unique, and so should be your research. With iperceptions, you can customize every aspect of your research, from survey triggers to the invitation design to asking questions the way you want to ask them. Our experts will tailor every aspect of your research to your needs and specifications.



Launch quickly

Do you have a deadline approaching? Do you need to launch your VoC project right away? iperceptions Enterprise Platform runs using a single, 'plug-and-play' script, called iperceptions' Universal Code. This means you never have to waste time coordinating with your IT department every time you want to launch a new survey, or when you want to make changes to your existing surveys.  



No learning curve

iperceptions' dedicated team of digital Voice of the Customer experts are always available to help. From survey design to implementation to data analysis and everything in between. Managing continuous survey changes and their impact on survey collection and data interpretation, the iperceptions team is dedicated to saving you time and money, and ensuring you get a return on your investment.



Connect seamlessly with your marketing technologies

Our proprietary APIs seamlessly inject customers’ insights into your existing systems, giving context to your other data sets. iperceptions connects with your favorite web analytics solutions, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, customer support systems and session replay tools.  



Your VoC Partner

No company becomes an industry leader without listening to their customers. That’s why industry-leading organizations leverage digital Voice of the Customer data to understand their customers.

In an enterprise with multiple brands operating in different countries and languages, it can be difficult and costly to run VoC research in-house. iperceptions' team of VoC experts, dedicated to you, can manage the diverse aspects of your large scale programs.




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