What is the Voice of the Customer?

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a marketing research technique that encompasses the collective insights of your customer's needs, wants, perceptions, preferences and expectations.

Why is the digital Voice of the Customer important?

Understanding your customers’ motivations and expectations are the building blocks to adopting a customer-centric strategy. Organizations leverage VoC data to paint a clearer picture of their customers, which in turn helps them:

examine time on site by task completion

Understand visitor intent to better personalize their experience.

Stop guessing, just ask your website visitors and customers

Prioritize key drivers of the visitor experience.

track satisfaction rates across visitor groups

Know what matters most to your customers.



Voice of the Customer provides context to web analytics

The internet has been called the most measurable medium and web analytics is a driving force behind it. Today the digital marketer has an abundance of data to review such as page views, bounce rates, time on site etc. These are important metrics and provide valuable insights but are incapable of answering the elusive question of WHY customers take the actions they do online.

Fortunately, you can fill this void by asking your visitors for feedback in the form of website surveys and user initiated feedback. Top tier VoC providers offer integration with web analytics vendors such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics which allows you to:

track satisfaction rates across groups

Track satisfaction rates across visitor groups to better evaluate search keywords, traffic sources and campaigns.

compare satisfaction rates

Compare satisfaction rates by time on site, pages visited, sections visited and geographic region.

time on site vs task completion

Examine time on site by task completion to distinguish between visitors struggling and those positively engaged on the site.

VoC and Web Analytics eBook

Use VoC data to understand your Web Analytics

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Making sense of digital VoC data

Today, Voice of Customer data has grown to include several digital sources such as online surveys, online comment cards, all the way through to social media updates. At iPerceptions, we focus on capturing feedback from your website visitors and customers across digital touch points using representative and user-initiated feedback.


Representative Voice of the Customer feedback


Representative Feedback

Representative feedback, which is based on random sampling, is used to measure the success and failure of strategies and drive strategic decisions. Representative survey methods give equal opportunity to all opinions and the more reliable your results the more confident you will be in the strategies you implement.

Individual Voice of the Customer Feedback


User-initiated Feedback

On the other end of the VoC engagement spectrum is user-initiated feedback, such as comment cards. Comment cards tend to skew negative as such they are used as a customer service tool and provide an outlet for frustrated customers to vent directly to you. This type of feedback should be viewed as an advisory service that provides tactical insights and complements representative insights captured through surveys.

iPerceptions' Digital Voice of the Customer Solutions Brochure

iPerceptions' Digital Voice of the Customer Solution

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Marketing technologies and Voice of the Customer

Marketing technologies and Voice of the Customer

To successfully leverage VoC it must go beyond dashboards and be integrated at the core of your business processes. Today marketers have an array of marketing technologies at their finger tips all promising to shape and improve the customer experience.

VoC data is a powerful addition to these marketing technologies as it creates more customer centric experiences by injecting customer needs, wants, perceptions, preferences directly into these systems. As an example, Voice of Customer data provides the missing context to enrich live chat solutions, retargeting campaigns and personalization engines with visitor intent to create relevant and meaningful experiences.

Voice of the Customer solution

iPerceptions Digital Voice of the Customer Solution

At iPerceptions, we believe that how you engage with your visitors’ matters. As a result, we pride ourselves in offering the full range of Voice of Customer tools. From representative website surveys to user initiated Comment Cards, we design research that aligns to your business objectives and makes sense for your customers.

By focusing research to objectives such as improving the customer experience, optimizing marketing effectiveness, increasing online conversion, building customer loyalty and creating an engaged audience, iPerceptions ensures that the feedback you get is focused, reliable and actionable to address what matters most to you and your customers.

The iPerceptions platform give you full control over question design, engagement methods and provides you with real-time reporting. By working with a team of seasoned experts, we turn the voice of your customer into actionable next steps.

Essentially our goal is to enrich your marketing technologies with the voice of the customer to empower you to make customer centric decisions. The marketing technology landscape is evolving and it’s becoming possible to develop one to one experiences. However as these technologies’ features and functions grow, there is a missing ingredient for effective execution and it’s a true understanding of the customer.


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Stop guessing

Stop guessing, just ask your website visitors and customers!

Do you know why your visitors come to your site? Have you asked them? Your visitors come to your site with different intents so they have different expectations. It is your responsibility to ensure they leave satisfied with their visit. If they don’t, you most likely lost them. This is why it is essential to understand the voice of your customer. Engage directly with your customers and you'll become a more customer centric organization.