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User Experience (UX)

Make the right changes to your website using customer feedback

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What this solution helps you solve

Improvement prioritization

Collect customer feedback before you start your website redesign and identify what features and content will most improve their experience.

Address user pain points

Identify major user experience pain points, especially immediately after your website redesign, so you can eliminate them sooner.

Improve website intuitiveness

Optimize your navigation and offer an easier website experience that increases the percentage of those who accomplish their task.

What you get

representative view of visitor's experience

Representative view of your customers' experiences

When you want to improve the user experience, especially through a major website redesign project, it's important to base your decisions on feedback that is truly representative of all your customers. Our proven research methods allows you to obtain these insights throughout the entire process.

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iperceptions' integrations with marketing technologies

Enrichment of your marketing technologies

You will be leveraging many marketing technologies, like web analytics and session replay, to evaluate your website redesign efforts. iperceptions injects customer feedback into these technologies to help you get the 'why' behind the 'what' of your customers' sessions.

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tailor-made website redesign dashboards

Tailor-made website redesign dashboards

We understand that every company has its own list of KPIs. That's why we tailor-make a dashboard for you so that you can know how your customers feel about their website experience throughout your website redesign process. From pre/post redesign metrics to key customer segments, you'll have it all in real-time.

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Expert guidance in user experience research

iperceptions has managed customer feedback programs for global brands for over 20 years. We perform UX audits, deploy surveys and comment cards, and extract insights from your feedback. Most importantly, we provide recommendations to ensure your UX is flawless.

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iperceptions' team of experts

iperceptions' User Experience (UX) review

iperceptions’ User Experience (UX) Review leverages a unique mix of UX best practices and our extensive expertise in customer feedback research to pinpoint key UX issues with your website, and provide detailed and tailored recommendations to help you create the best digital experience for your customers.

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"iperceptions gave us deep insights into how different types of users valued their experience when they came to our site... It gave us the ability to strategically focus our next round of site developments based on priorities to maximize our targeted visitors' experiences."

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG)
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Unearth key UX insights in your open-ended feedback using the power of AI with ipertext


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