What this solution helps you solve

Turn visitors into brand promoters using comment cards

Turn visitors into brand promoters

Reach your visitors before they vent on social media, and turn them into brand promoters

reduce reliance on customer support using feedback cards

Reduce reliance on customer support

Get a steady stream of insights to quickly eliminate issues and identify at-risk visitors.

use comment cards to improve customer retention

Improve customer retention

Pinpoint the aspects of your website that may be frustrating your visitors.


What you get


proven feedback methods, including comment cards

Proven feedback methods

There are many ways to engage your visitors for feedback. iperceptions' Comment Cards appear on every page of your site so your customers can easily share dislikes, suggestions or praise about their experience with your company. Your customers can even share a screenshot along with their feedback so you can hone in on exactly what they are talking about.  

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iperceptions' integrations with marketing technologies

Enrich your marketing technologies 

You probably leverage many marketing technologies, like web analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, to measure your website and connect with your customers.

iperceptions injects visitor feedback into these technologies to unravel the 'why' behind the 'what' of your visitors' sessions and get critical feedback in the right hands.

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tailor-made feedback dashboards

Tailor-made feedback dashboards

We understand that every company has its own list of KPIs. That's why we custom-build dashboards to help you know how your visitors feel about their website experience. Integrate your visitor feedback and clickstream data into iperceptions' real-time and interactive reports for visibility on the entire experience.

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iperceptions' team are experts in collecting comment card feedback

Expert guidance in visitor feedback research

iperceptions has managed research programs for global brands for more than 17 years. We'll help you create a research plan, deploy surveys and comment cards, and extract insights from your visitor feedback.

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Case Study

Choice Hotels case study


Learn how Choice Hotels worked with iperceptions to identify and resolve usability issues that led to a 90% reduction in cart abandonment.


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