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What this solution helps you solve

Understand the site experience to improve your customers satisfaction

Understand the site experience

Identify your site's strengths, weaknesses and key drivers of satisfaction

Identify pain points in your customer experience analytics

Identify pain points

Find the barriers and issues that prevent your customers from having a positive website experience

Prioritize CX improvements and increase customer satisfaction

Prioritize CX improvements

Determine the types of improvements that would most impact your customer satisfaction, and predict the outcome of these improvements


What you get


A proven approach to gauge visitor satisfaction

A proven approach to gauge customer satisfaction

Our tried-and-true method of collecting your customers' feedback ensures that you get an accurate and representative view of how they feel about your website.

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context to enrich your marketing technologies and customer experience analytics

Context to enrich your marketing technologies

The only way to really know how customers feel about your site is by asking them directly. Inject your customers' satisfaction ratings into your web analytics or session replay data, and give context to your existing data sets.

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tailored customer satisfaction dashboard

Tailored Customer Satisfaction dashboard 

Every company has different business and research needs. We build custom dashboards based on what you need so you have access to insights about your customers’ satisfaction at your fingertips. Use the iperceptions advanced text mining tool to discover themes, patterns and emerging trends that are impacting satisfaction in open-ended comments.

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iperceptions' team of customer experience analytics and customer satisfaction experts

We'll deep dive into your data for you

To fully understand your customers’ website satisfaction, you need to tackle your survey data from countless angles. Let our team of experts dissect your feedback data, pinpoint key findings and provide recommendations that will increase customer satisfaction. If you don't have time to go through a report, our team of experts can provide intensive consulting sessions where we walk you through your results.

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Case Study

GolfNow case study, mobile experience


Learn how GolfNow, the online golf services leader, increased mobile conversion and customer retention using iperceptions' Voice of the Customer solution. 


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