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Full Release of iperceptions' Mobile App Solution That Helps Diagnose and Improve the In-App User Experience

MONTREAL, QC, April 6th, 2017 – iperceptions, a global leader in Voice of the Customer solutions, today announced the full public release of its Mobile App Solution, which gives marketers the power to launch and manage a mobile app research project without having to retest or redeploy the mobile app. Once the iperceptions SDK is implemented, a research project can be easily created and edited via the iperceptions Enterprise Platform. This allows marketers to seamlessly collect the voice of their mobile app users to improve the mobile app experience.

“Today, mobile apps are an essential channel to connect with customers, but measuring the in-app experience usually required significant technical resources to implement and manage.” Said Duff Anderson, Senior Vice President at iperceptions. “iperceptions’ Mobile App Research Solution has already been successfully deployed on a number of our clients’ apps, and it has allowed them to better understand the in-app experience and pinpoint user frustrations without the need for extra technical resources.”

“A vocal minority can easily leave feedback in the app store and derail your long-term app development strategy.” Said Derek Zakaib, Chief Marketing Officer at iperceptions. “With iperceptions’ Mobile App Solution, app developers can now collect a representative sample of feedback to make informed strategic decisions that will improve the app experience for the majority of users, not just a vocal minority."

iperceptions’ Mobile App Solution includes a number of other powerful features, including the ability to set triggers to only ask users for feedback once they meet pre-determined conditions. Also, the solution includes a range of reporting capabilities, such as Text Mining, as well as Advanced Exploration, a data discovery feature powered by Tableau®.

iperceptions’ Mobile App Solution allows marketers to:

  • Increase in-app purchases by understanding the bottlenecks that may prevent users from making a purchase within the app.
  • Improve user engagement by understanding what drives in-app satisfaction for specific groups of users, and identify how to increase retention and drive referral.
  • Prioritize development or identify new features to add in the mobile app by understanding user needs and expectations.
  • Save, convert and nurture vocal app users by providing them an outlet to share their frustrations before they turn to vent on social media or review sites.

Availability and Pricing

iperceptions’ Mobile App Solution is available as an add-on to the iperceptions Enterprise Platform.

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About iperceptions
iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world's most respected brands become customer-centric organizations. iperceptions’ enterprise platform collects and analyzes the feedback of real visitors in real situations across the customer lifecycle. With an experienced team that has managed 1000’s of VoC programs since 1999, iperceptions offers a full range of services from survey design to deployment to analysis. iperceptions collects over 20M visitor feedback data-points every year across 1,200 brands and in 35 languages and is the trusted partner of world's most recognizable retail, hospitality, financial and automotive brands. To start doing marketing that's powered by the voice of your customers today, visit 

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