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  • How to collect customer feedback

    Customer feedback is information collected directly from your website visitors and customers to gauge their level of satisfaction.

Customer Feedback in the Digital Era

In the digital era, this type of first party data is collected using a range of methods from website surveys to comment cards and is collected across devices ranging from desktop to in-app. Today as brands adopt a customer centric approach, customer feedback is vital to better understanding visitor's intent, needs and experiences to ultimately improve the customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty.

Why is collecting customer feedback important?

Customer feedback is critical to understanding the visitor experience as it provides context to visitors' behavior. By asking your visitors' for their feedback, you can:


  • customer feedback enhances customer experience
  • Enhance the customer experience

    Identify site strengths, weaknesses and usability issues to understand and improve the experience for your visitors.

  • customers feedback for marketing effectiveness
  • Measure marketing effectiveness

    More effectively evaluate your digital campaigns based on the type of visitors you attract, rather than relying solely on conversion metrics.

  • customer feedback to improve support
  • Optimize online support capabilities

    Use proven measures of customer satisfaction in order to gauge a websites' online support  capabilities and flag "at-risk" visitors.

    • customer feedback for website visitor engagement
    • Improve visitor engagement

      Better understand visitors' habits and preferences to recalibrate content and feature repertoire to ultimately increase engagement and lotalty.

    • customer feedback to increase conversion
    • Increase online conversion rates

      Identify root causes of cart abandonment and remove these barriers to drive more conversions.

How do you collect customer feedback on your website?

    • best customer feedback tools
    • iPerceptions Customer Feedback Solution

      At iPerceptions, we believe that how you engage with your visitors' matters. As a result, we offer the full range of feedback methods to ensure our clients can address their business objectives. From representative website surveys to passive Comment Cards to triggered surveys, we design research that is intuitive and effective. By focusing on business objectives such as improving the customer experience, optimizing marketing effectiveness, increase online conversion, building customer loyalty and creating an engaged audience, iPerceptions ensures the feedback you collect is focused, reliable and actionable to address what matters most to you and your customers.

Voice of Customer Solutions

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