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Higher Education Solution

iperceptions helps Higher Education institutions better understand their diverse audience and pinpoint how to best meet their expectations.

Some of iperceptions clients in the education sector

iperceptions' Higher Education solution

video showing an example of how iperceptions can help brands in the higher education sector improve the experience

Create a flawless Higher Education experience for students and parents, all the way to faculty and staff members

Grow student applications

Diagnose and address the friction points your prospective students experience that are preventing them from applying.

Boost brand awareness

Measure how different channels drive your brand recognition, and better understand your audience's perception of your institution.

Improve your student portal

Pinpoint key frustrations your students and faculty members are experiencing with your different portals, and how to address them.

How University of Liverpool improved the website experience with iperceptions

By working with iperceptions to improve the customer experience, University of Liverpool increased task completion for over 85,000 website customers, increased customer satisfaction, and won best website at the Heist Awards.

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iperceptions provides us with a wide range of valuable expertise, from research design to in-depth analysis, that will help us get the most out of our customer feedback, evaluate and prioritize key initiatives, as well as help us determine the lasting impact that our website has on our visitors, including prospective students."

VP Brand Strategy
Quinnipiac University
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