There's nothing more important than your health, which is why millions of people every day interact with healthcare brands, their services or their products.

iperceptions helps healthcare providers, insurance companies and product manufacturers understand the unique needs and expectations of their audience so they can improve their experience.

iperceptions' healthcare industry clients

Take care of your visitors' needs
and improve their experience
with iperceptions


Simplify the online research experience

Learn how you can easily point your visitors to the information they need for the plans or products they are seeking.

Optimize your account management system

Hear from your visitors how you can help them better track claims, pay their bills or find a healthcare professional.

Determine what your visitors will do next

Know the impact of your visitors' experience on what they'll do next, whether it's contact customer service or return to your site at a later date.


Improve the effectiveness of your content

Determine what information and level of detail your target market is expecting to find so you can better meet their needs.

Streamline navigation and the ordering experience

Find out how you can better direct doctors and healthcare professionals to the information they need so they can order your healthcare products.

Measure the long-term impact of the online experience

Gauge how much the experience affected your target market's opinion of your brand or how likely they will recommend you to their peers.

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