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From buying a house to investing your hard-earned cash, banking and finance is an essential part of everyday life.

iperceptions helps you understand its constantly evolving and complex digital customer experience.


iperceptions banking and finance clients

Make the right investments to improve the banking experience with iperceptions

Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer loyalty

Track the customer experience across your digital channels.

get a greater return

Get a greater return

From your budget planners, borrowing and saving calculator tools by aligning them with customer needs and expectations.

improve your internet banking portal

Improve your internet banking portal

Understand key customer frustrations and issues with your portal.


15% Increase in conversion

"If they were coming to our site and then abandoning, we wanted to know why. We’re talking about a lot of traffic to the site. We need to know if we are delivering on their expectations and if we’re not, we need to know what to fix."


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