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  • The Best Online Survey For a Website!

    The 4Q Framework is the best way to evaluate the online experience, measure customer satisfaction and quickly implement website improvements based on real visitor feedback.

    4Q Survey has become one of the frameworks included in iPerceptions’ Active Research platform. All of 4Q’s functionality and features are still available! Contact us to learn more.

How it Works

4Q is a framework that collects feedback from your website visitors to measure the customer experience and understand visitor intent. It includes 4 questions that help answer:

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    • Who

      is here?

    • systemsInjectionS-1.png
    • Why

      are they here?

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    • How

      am I doing?

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    • What

      do I need to fix?

The most comprehensive survey solution

The 4Q Framework leveraging the iPerceptions Active Research platform, is the most straightforward and integrated solution for conducting digital market research.

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    Get your website surveys up and running in under 5 minutes with our JavaScript implementation.

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    Inject your 4Q data into Google Analytics to obtain a deeper understanding of your website visitors.

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    To ensure all your customers have a voice, the 4Q Framework has been translated into to over 30 languages.

Recommended by Avinash Kaushik

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    • “A true permission based on-exit survey that provides an easy to deploy, easy to use and easier still to analyze framework to answer 4 questions that no website owner can live without.

      It is the antidote for the most pressing of web analytics challenges: the yearning and struggle to understanding the "Why”.
      - Avinash Kaushik

Take your research to the next level

iPerceptions is revolutionizing what it means to do online market research by measuring satisfaction for real website visitors in the context or real website experiences. Go beyond a free survey solution and push the boundaries of research with iPerceptions Active Research platform.

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    Use our intuitive and adapted survey design for a flawless feedback experience on all devices.

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    Do research right with frameworks developed by research experts and used by the Fortune 500.

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    Make sure your customers can always leave feedback on your site to provide a superior customer experience.