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Customer Experience

The Importance of Digital Transformation

by iperceptions, on Aug 22, 2019

The business world is continually evolving.

With new marketing and management trends, plus the ever-increasing awareness and sophistication of markets, companies that want to succeed today must be willing to change and adapt quickly.

That is why digital transformation is more important than ever.

Today’s technological advances have revolutionized not only how businesses operate, but also how they should operate. In the age of Customer Experience (CX), technology is at the very center of the digital transformation process.

In this post, we take a quick look at what is digital business transformation and why it is essential, and look at a key resource you should be leveraging when approaching it.


What is Digital Transformation?

Overall, digital business transformation involves incorporating and leveraging technology to drive a complete cultural change in how a company operates, communicates with their customers, promotes their products, and every other aspect of their business that impacts its success.

This digital transformation definition also revolves around the complete overhaul of business practices and models to deliver better Customer Experience across the customer journey, and better meet the new demands of the market.

In addition to knowing what digital transformation means, it is essential to remember that each scenario can be entirely different for every company, depending on its situation and its audience.

Overall, when trying to define digital transformation for a given company, it is essential to understand that there is no golden formula for how the process should look. However, having a customer-focused focus throughout the process is paramount.    

But why exactly is digital transformation so crucial to success? Let's take a look.


Why is Digital Transformation Important?

Companies that are hesitant about digital transformation technology want to believe that the process is optional. However, the truth is that it is actually a matter of survival.

With Customer Experience increasingly becoming a basis for competitive advantage, companies must adapt their practices and processes to cater to the needs, expectations and preferences of their customers. Otherwise, switching brands, or sharing CX horror stories with others has never been easier. 

There are several examples of established companies going under in a matter of years because they failed to adapt to a changing environment in which technology shapes how they should operate. Today, even the largest companies in the S&P 500 aren’t secure and can be pushed out if they are not willing to change.

As such, it is not surprising that the digital transformation market is booming, and is poised to become a 2 trillion dollar market by 2022Top leaders and informed executives realize that a digital transformation is more than just a short-term strategy.


Digital transformation is something from which a company can reap benefits for decades, and shape entire markets in the process.


Areas such as analytics, including machine learning, data visualization and Text Analytics, are particularly crucial to today’s enterprises. That is because they have already proven to deliver tangible results that cannot be denied even by the staunchest skeptics.

However, even though more companies are realizing the power and importance of digital transformation, executing it the right way, and with a customer-centric mindset, is a whole different story.

Let’s look at how you should approach digital transformation to maximize your chances of success.


Using VOC/Customer Feedback for Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a complicated process that requires much time and investment from companies to execute properly.

Therefore, executives must have a clear understanding of how to best approach different parts of the process. As well, they need to know where to get the most valuable insights that allow for making informed decisions that have the highest probability of achieving the desired outcomes.

That’s where the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer feedback play a critical role.

Digital transformation is essential to deliver optimal Customer Experience. However, it can only work if it is not performed in a vacuum. Instead, it should be driven by customer feedback; feedback that provides clear direction about which areas to focus on, what specific technologies can be the most useful, and everything else that can supplement your digital transformation efforts.

Companies who fail to listen to their customers, and place their needs at the heart of every critical CX decision, are doomed to fail. Every business today is driven primarily by its customer base. As such, they should always relish the opportunity to engage them to determine the best ways to solve their problems, wherever they are in the customer journey.

By analyzing VoC, customer satisfaction, and looking at specific experiences when users deal with your brand, you can:

  1. Identify the biggest issues
  2. Learn what your best customers care about
  3. See opportunities for optimization and transformation you could not have noticed any other way

Once you implement customer feedback processes and starts gaining tangible insights about what needs to be improved, your company will have a foundation for the digital transformation that follows. These insights will provide a roadmap that allows focusing the efforts into areas that can have the most significant impact on the value that the company can offer its audience.


Final Words

As we’ve established, digital transformation can only work if a company takes a customer-centric approach, including using VoC and customer feedback systems to gain insights about the Customer Experience. That allows them to make more informed decisions that will ultimately lead to delighted users.

To ensure you gain the insights you need to take the next step, getting help from professionals who can help you listen to your customers is the only viable choice. iperceptions' Voice of the Customer solutions can help you figure out the best way to collect and get the most out of your customer feedback in your digital transformation.


Banner image source: Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

Updated: June 11, 2020


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