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Make sound strategic decisions with a Voice of the Customer Benchmark

by iperceptions, on Oct 9, 2014


You have been running your Voice of the Customer program on your website for a while. Your results are in. Your customers have spoken.

But what do the results mean? You can measure your performance over time, however without context on how other sites are performing, you are in the dark; are your results good or bad?

Only benchmarking will tell you where you fit in a range of scores, and this knowledge is essential when making strategic decisions that will impact the performance of your website. 

Real website visitors in the context of real situations

At iperceptions we serve over 700 million survey invitations a year across 80 countries in 32 languages for over 3,500 organizations. As a result, we offer the largest comparative experience and intent database with over 20 million standardized data points.

Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) benchmark is made up of 100% real customer insights to provide you with the right context for your industry and site objective, without the need to leverage panel research. 

Introducing iperceptions’ new Experience & Intent Benchmark

Today, we are excited to launch iperceptions’ next generation Experience & Intent Benchmark™ with interactive and improved data visualization with the capability to segment by intent, overall experience and task completion. It spans over 15 industry types and covers 7 site objectives.

iperceptions’ Experience & Intent Benchmark™ is based on real customer insights in real situations. Through surveys, we engage visitors’ in the most critical moments of their experience using our advanced engagement technologies to understand their online experience.

We leverage a structured framework approach to collect the most relevant, reliable and actionable insights. One of the key benefits of this approach is the ability to accurately compare your results to others’. iperceptions leverages the same customer experience, purpose of visit and task completion questions to create standardized metrics that can be compared to all websites that use these metrics.

Site Objective Benchmarking

Example of iPerceptions voice of the customer benchmark Site ObjectiveTypically, industry has been the default benchmark most companies gravitate towards. But just because a company is in the same industry, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trying to achieve the same objective with their website.

For example, a consumer goods brand might have a website for one of their products to build brand awareness by only having product information on the site. While for another product, there might be an e-commerce site to sell directly to customers. Both sites would be considered to be within the consumer goods industry but both have very different site objectives.

So with the addition of site objective benchmarking this brand can now compare each product site to other sites that have a similar goal, and go beyond industry benchmarking. While it’s important for organizations to continue to benchmark their VoC results against their industry, websites have evolved and so has the need for comparable metrics.

This is why site objective has been introduced into the new Experience & Intent Benchmark. iperceptions’ site objectives are aligned with web analytics leaders like Google.

iperceptions seven site objectives are:

  • E-commerce: Focus on driving online conversions through selling products and/or services online
  • Product information: Focus on building brand awareness of a product and driving visitors to next steps through the use of interactive tools, promotions, reviews, etc.  
  • Service information: Focus on building brand awareness of a service and driving visitors to next steps through the use of interactive tools, promotions, reviews, etc. 
  • SaaS: Focus on developing an engaged user base through the use of a software as a service
  • Media: Focus on developing and growing an engaged audience through disseminating news, entertainment, education, data, or promotional messages
  • Community: Focus on building an online community through information and content sharing
  • Corporate information: Focus on sharing and educating investors, job seekers and the media  

iperceptions Intent Benchmark ™

Example of iPerceptions voice of the customer benchmarkToday, it is critical to understand why visitors have come to your website. But how do you know if your website is effectively meeting and satisfying your visitors’ different intents?

That’s where iperceptions Intent Benchmark ™ comes in. With the industry’s first intent benchmark, you can now break down visitor intent and see whether visitors were able to complete their task for each purpose of visit.

For added context, we plot your ability to satisfy visitor intent relative to other businesses with a similar site objective. Using iperceptions Intent Benchmark ™ you will be able to know the percentage of visitors that completed their task and which percentile your task completion score lies in for each intent. iperceptions intent segmentation opens the door for more granular benchmarking to provide greater context to measure your site’s effectiveness.

Interact, zoom and share benchmarking insights

In addition to benchmarking your results to your respective site objective and industry, iperceptions provides the flexibility to compare your performance to any or all of our 15+ industries and 7 site objectives trended monthly, quarterly or yearly.

With a new and intuitive interface you can effortlessly zoom in on your performance, identify your strengths and uncover vulnerabilities. You can also conduct more advanced and granular analysis with greater export capabilities including Excel, PowerPoint and PDF exporting.


iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world’s customer-centric brands measure and elevate experiences across the customer journey.

See why top brands choose iperceptions to help them improve the Customer Experience.

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