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Google's Mobilegeddon has arrived

by Duff Anderson, on Apr 21, 2015


Google has spoken. As of today, April 21, websites that are not “mobile friendly” will be penalized in mobile search rankings. There is no escaping it; Google is forcing brands to give customers what they want, relevant, high quality search results across devices. As we enter the Google mobile revolution, having a mobile friendly website will become ubiquitous but the mobile experience will remain a key differentiator. According to the Altimeter group, “Organizations must focus on learning more about customer frustrations, expectations and behaviors specific to mobile. Only then can mobile strategies produce results that increase engagement, lead generation, sales, retention, loyalty and more.” The most effective way to understand customers on mobile devices is by conducting voice of customer research. Below are 3 reasons why collecting the voice of your customers on mobile devices is essential.

1. Different platforms, different expectations

It is naïve to assume that the mobile experience is similar to a desktop experience. For example, I might visit the same website on two different platforms, my mobile and my laptop, but have extremely different reasons for visiting. I could visit the site on my mobile device to research a product but go to the site on my laptop to buy. Therefore, it is essential to collect feedback to understand visitor’s intent, needs and experiences specific to your mobile website. The Altimeter Group also noted that, “When businesses don’t consider difference in mobile device interactive they’re left with a one-size-fits all approach to mobile that doesn’t account for nuances of engagement, context and intention vary greatly from one platform to the next.”

2. Web analytics only tells part of the story

Behavioral metrics are essential. The challenge is that they only reveal what your visitors are doing, not the intent and motivations behind their behavior. By conducting Voice of Customer (VoC) research you can engage with your visitors and dialog with them through a representative survey to understand their intent, needs and experiences. Only by asking can you know what your customers want and create meaningful and relevant mobile experiences which will be essential in a post-“Mobilegeddon” world.

3. VoC Research creates brand loyalty and promotes brand growth

One of the biggest advantages of VoC research is that it allows brands to interact directly with their customers – or potential customers, in the context of their current mobile experience. This gives your customers the chance to engage and respond to your brand, allowing them to participate in shaping the experience. By capturing insights in the Moment of Truth (i.e. the most critical time in their browsing/shopping experience) you are collecting the most relevant and reliable attitudinal research on their experience. Therefore, the research becomes an excellent portal through which brand loyalty can be increased, as well as a vehicle to listen to customer needs in order to stay ahead of the curve and promote brand growth.

Creating relevant and high quality mobile experiences

Today marks a new beginning but also an opportunity. Companies that seize the opportunity to create relevant and high quality mobile experiences using the voice of their customers will be rewarded with higher search rankings. Google has made its move. What’s yours going to be?

Duff Anderson
Duff Anderson

Duff Anderson is a visionary in Voice of the Customer research with over 20 years’ experience.

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