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Customer Experience

10 iperceptions blog posts to fine-tune your Customer Experience skills in 2019

by Philippe Aussant, on Dec 18, 2018

Customer Experience (CX) is a vast concept - one that is intrinsically linked to each aspect of your organization. With CX now being seen as one (if not the) key differentiator among many competing companies, it often requires you to leverage many tools and skills to ensure all the cogs in the CX machine turn smoothly.

For our final post of 2018, we want to share with you ten posts from the past year that were published on our blog, The Customer-Centric Marketer, or by members of the iperceptions team on other websites, which share insights and tips you can use in 2019 to stay ahead of the curve when managing the customer experience at your organization.

We hope you enjoy, and we will see you next year!


Knowledge to keep in your back pocket

What you need to know about VoC and CEM

Analyzing your Customer Experience Management efforts


Knowledge to keep in your back pocket

1. 3 Skills Every Director of Customer Experience Needs to Succeed

Someone who manages the customer experience requires many different soft skills and resources at their disposal to plan, measure and execute their vision effectively.  

This post looks at some of the most crucial skills you need when you are a Director of Customer Experience or someone who plays a strategic role in the execution of your organization’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) plan.


2. Customer Experience Quotes To Help You Become A Better CX Professional

CX professionals sometimes need to take a step back and make sure they have the basics right. This includes having the right mindset, philosophy and approach when approaching key decisions that can impact the customer experience you deliver to your customers.

Following the Adobe Summit 2018 conference in March, we compiled some of the most memorable quotes from the event. These include one from Sir Richard Branson that highlights the importance of looking at the little things when thinking about your CX, as well as other great quotes that were shared during the Adobe Think Tank session that occurred during the Summit.


3. Making Sense of the 2018 Marketing Technology Landscape

The Customer Experience expands across every one of an organization’s touchpoints, and CX professionals must have the resources in place to both execute their efforts and measure the success of these efforts. 

Every year, the industry anxiously awaits the release of chiefmartec’s supergraphic (‘Martech 5000’) that compiles and categorizes all of the different marketing technologies available to CX professionals and marketers. This list expands every year (there were 6,000 entries this year), showcasing the ever-expanding amount of options and technologies available at CX professionals’ disposal.

This post provides our take on the latest version of this supergraphic. 


4. The Internet of Things, Voice of the Customer, and Understanding the In-Use Experience 

As technology advances, customer expectations grow. On the other side of the coin, technology also opens the door for companies to understand their customers better and understand how best to deliver them positive experiences. Internet of Things (IoT) is one key technology that may help open this door.

In this post, Lane Cochrane (Chief Innovation Officer at iperceptions) examines the potential of IoT in helping collect the Voice of the Customer (VoC) during one of the most critical times of the customer experience – when the customer is using the actual product or service. 


What you need to know about VoC and CEM

5. The true value of Voice of the Customer in Customer Experience Management

Collecting the voice of the customer is a necessity for any organization looking to understand better how their customers and visitors are interacting with their brand, and why they do what they do. However, what you do with that data, and what it helps you to accomplish internally within your organization, is where CX professionals can truly benefit from VoC.

In this post, Duff Anderson, Co-Founder and SVP at iperceptions, delves deeper into the true benefits of VoC as it pertains to managing your Customer Experience. You should also make sure to check out Duff’s article for CMSWire, “Why Your Voice of the Customer Data Isn't Actionable (and What to Do About It)”, which provides some tips to help you get the most out of your customer feedback in your CEM efforts.


6. What You Need To Know About The Omni-Channel Customer Experience 

More and more brands are shifting towards bringing the offline and online experiences closer together, thanks in large part to technological advancements continuously being introduced into the hands of brands and customers alike. This has required brands to not only study what makes for a successful omni-channel customer experience strategy but also determine the ingredients that must be leveraged to put this strategy into action.

From breaking down organizational silos to measuring the experience across the entire customer journey, this post looks at some of the critical items every CX professional must consider, whether you are looking for ways to improve the omni-channel experience or to design an omni-channel CX strategy from the ground up.


7. Omni-channel vs. Multi-channel: What’s the Difference?

These two terms appear frequently in Customer Experience discussions and articles. While they do share some similarities, they should not be used interchangeably, and require CX professionals to approach them differently when defining out their CEM strategy. 

This post provides an overview of both concepts, including a helpful use case that showcases what an omni-channel experience would consist of, as well as some things you can do within your organization to help you design and execute an omni-channel CX strategy.


Analyzing your Customer Experience Management efforts

8. Customer feedback: How collection methods skew results 

Something that is often overlooked when collecting feedback, despite its significant impact on the metrics you report to your key stakeholders, is how you go about obtaining this feedback. There is a myriad of ways to collect feedback, each with their benefits and caveats, that every CX professional should know before launching a customer feedback program.

In this post for MyCustomer, Lane Cochrane (Chief Innovation Officer at iperceptions) dives deep into different engagement methods to collect feedback and points out the techniques you should leverage to collect the feedback you need. For more information on the different VoC methodologies and their benefits, make sure to also download our whitepaper, “Voice of the Customer Methodologies”. 


9. CX Metrics Series: Next Steps

Our CX Metrics Series provides an ongoing look at different metrics every CX professional should measure to better understand their customers’ and visitors’ experiences across their customer journey. Our most recent entry into the series looks at ‘Next Steps’, which helps to remove some of the mystery around what visitors will do immediately following an interaction with your brand. 

This post looks at how to best measure this metric, and provides a use case showing how you can get the most out of the insights it unlocks, including helping to identify particular experiences that may be pointing customers down less desirable paths along their customer journey (e.g., visit a competitor’s site, complain on social media, etc.).


10. Why Voice of the Customer Research Will Be Even More Important in the Age of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was one of the hottest topics this year, going into effect May 25, 2018. In short, this regulation aims to ensure that organizations are more upfront and transparent to online visitors about the data they collect about them (and why) and to ensure online visitors have more control over their personal information online.

This post looks at why customer feedback provides CX-driven marketers an opportunity to better understand their EU customers with the GDPR now in full effect.


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Philippe Aussant
Philippe Aussant

Philippe Aussant is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in content marketing, data analysis, account management and product support. As Content Manager, Philippe is responsible for generating and managing iperceptions marketing content assets, including the iperceptions blog.

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