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Customer-Centric Roundup: July 2016

by iperceptions, on Aug 3, 2016

It’s summertime, and the digital marketing scene is heating up. This roundup looks at new research from Facebook IQ and eMarketer on some of the key trends affecting e-commerce, as well as different ways to get more out of your CX efforts, including bringing your VoC data into your real-time marketing systems.


Improving the ROI of your customer experience efforts

Digital marketers have been talking about customer experience solutions for some time, and it has now moved beyond being just a buzzword to becoming a competitive differentiator.

However, in a recent article for Advertising Age, Andy Main, Head of Deloitte Digital, states that many companies are seeing a much lower than expected return on their CX investment

In the article, Andy looks at different strategies that companies can adopt to start seeing a greater ROI, such as analyzing customer data across every touch-point, as well as investing more in the moments that contribute the most to the customer experience.  Furthermore, Andy states that the key is creating a comprehensive customer-centric view and breaking down organizational silos.


Focus on behavior, not products 

Back to School season is just a month away, and many retailers are realizing that pairing customer segments with specific products is no longer the best way to appeal to shoppers.

eMarketer recently interviewed Jem Ripley, Managing Director of Retail Vertical at Sapient Nitro, who acknowledges that retailers now focus, "On where different customers are in their journey and meeting their needs".

"Everything will go back to the ability to guide people through their journey," said Ripley. "It could be a checklist or some type of guided selling that puts someone through the 'Have you thought of' or 'people that buy this usually buy that' messaging in a packaged way depending on what [school year] they're in."


People use their smartphones more during the holidays 

Maybe it's because everybody is rushing around to get those perfect gifts for their loved ones.  Regardless, Facebook found that, during the holidays, 80 percent of posts, photos and videos added to the social media site occurred via mobile devices.

This finding came from a survey of more than 27,000 shoppers from 17 different countries. In fact, Facebook found that holiday-season mobile purchases increased 33 percent between December 2014 and December 2015. 


Smartphones surpass desktops in e-commerce traffic 

Desktop experiences are now taking a back seat to the mobile experience. Bloomberg gathered data from Demandware and ComScore, and found that more e-commerce shoppers are turning away from PCs to search for and buy products. 

Here were a couple of the findings:

  • Smartphones accounted for 45.1 percent of e-commerce traffic in the first quarter 2016, just surpassing computers (45 percent). 
  • Mobile e-commerce has more than doubled in fewer than three years. 
  • Although more people use mobile devices to visit websites, Demandware discovered that checkout completion is 11 percent lower than the combined rate from all other devices.


Infographic of the month: 'A Millennial's Perspective on the Millennial Consumer'

Millennials are a big deal. They are already one of the largest generations in history, and are about to move into their prime spending years. So for companies to cash in, they will need to successfully understand and engage with millennial consumers. 

This month, iperceptions released an infographic that looked at what makes millennials so different from the baby boomers and the Generation Xers. In addition to this infographic, the following blog post examines what marketers need to know about millennials to be able to resonate and connect with them.


Blog post of the month: 'Why Voice of the Customer Data is Your Most Important Marketing Asset'

Voice of the Customer (VoC) data has grown from being a nice-to-have to becoming the backbone of measuring and managing the customer experience. However, VoC data is always leveraged to analyze the experience after the experience has occurred.

This month’s feature blog post by Lane Cochrane, Chief Analytics Officer at iperceptions, looks at how VoC experts can bring their VoC data into their real-time marketing systems to create unique and powerful customer experiences. Lane advocates in his article that it is time for VoC to take the central role in Experience Marketing Automation to improve both business results and the consumer experience.

Image source: Kevin Moon


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