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3 Tips to Keep Your Visitors Engaged using Thank You Pages

by Philippe Aussant, on Aug 8, 2013


Personalizing your research to act as an extension of your conversion with your customers is essential to build lasting relationships and keep customers engaged.

One of the ways you can customize your research is through modifying The “Thank You Page”.  This is the last page that your respondents see when they complete your iperceptions survey or Comment Card.  By default, a generic message is included on these pages to ensure that it can be applicable to any user who implements our solutions. 

However, these Thank You pages can be personalized to conveniently provide potential next steps that your respondents can consider beyond their website visit.  Below are some tips for how you could consider modifying the Thank You pages for your projects to ensure that you are using this functionality to its fullest. 

Tip 1 – Drive traffic to certain sections of your website

One of the main benefits of being able to personalize the Thank You page for your projects is the ability to modify the text to provide a parting message which can be more in line with your company’s verbiage.  However, another benefit is the ability to bring more attention to certain sections of your website.  For example, here are 2 ways that can do so using the Thank You page for your iperceptions surveys: 

  • Inserting text or embedding URLs that can direct your respondents to certain sections of your website
  • Uploading an image which, when clicked, can link your respondents to a certain URL 

Drive traffic to certain sections of your website with a thank you page at the end of your survey 

Tip 2 – Direct your respondents to your social media pages

Another advantage of customizable Thank You pages for your surveys is the ability to not only inform your respondents of your social media presence, but also to embed direct links to your social media pages which they can check out now that they have completed your survey.  With customizable Thank You pages, you have the ability to link your respondents to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogger or RSS Feeds using the icons provided. 

Direct your respondents to your social media pages with a thank you page at the end of your survey 

Tip 3 – Make it convenient for them to know how they can reach you

Despite taking the time to answer your survey or Comment Card, some respondents may require immediate assistance on a certain matter, and may not immediately know how to go about doing so.  

For example, the nature of the Comment Card has often been to gather more tactical, user-initiated feedback from visitors, and these tend to be answered more commonly by those who have had a negative experience (as opposed to surveys, which gather more representative feedback), and those that may require immediate assistance on a certain matter.  To help address these immediate needs, the “Thank You Page” for Comment Cards has often been modified to inform these respondents as to how they can reach out to their Customer Service department (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, operating hours, etc.).  While this is one example, you may even choose to include more contact information on your Thank You page to help address any other types of needs they may have.  

Make it convenient for visitors to know how they can reach you

Overall, your respondents are already at a level of engagement where they are willing to take the time to let you know what they thought of their experience (what they liked, what made them tick, how your site can be improved).  Personalizing your “Thank You Pages” for your projects, such as in the examples above, could help ensure that your respondents can remain engaged with your company beyond their website visit, and perhaps even help to build a more lasting relationship in the process. 

Philippe Aussant
Philippe Aussant

Philippe Aussant is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in content marketing, data analysis, account management and product support. As Content Manager, Philippe is responsible for generating and managing iperceptions marketing content assets, including the iperceptions blog.

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