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iPerceptions Advantage

At iPerceptions, we don’t just collect customer feedback. We put that feedback into context to drive action. Our Active Research Platform captures the Voice of your Customer in the moment of truth using advanced intercept technologies and trusted research frameworks to drive real-time actions in business processes.

Intercept Technologies

By engaging with customers at the moment they form an opinion about your product or service increases relevancy of their feedback. To connect with customers in the ‘moment of truth’ iPerceptions uses intercept technologies like on-arrival or triggered surveys or user initiated Comment Cards.


Benchmarking and Research Frameworks

To further increase relevancy, reliability and allow for comparative benchmarking, iPerceptions has developed scientifically proven methodologies including the 4Q Task Completion Framework and iPSI Experience Framework.

4Q Task Completion Framework

Developed by iPerceptions in collaboration with Avinash Kaushik to provide companies a simple way of evaluating the online experience, determining visitors success, identifying barriers to task completion and quickly identify areas of improvement.

iPSI Experience Framework

Is the leading measurement tool for assessing the complete online experience and is used by many of the Fortune 500 companies. It is an innovative experience framework, built on substantial research done in the field of human behavioral psychology.


Take Action

Finally, having the best insight means nothing if you don’t take action. iPerceptions realizes this and through our Active Research Platform and Professional Services you have all the tools to take action on your VoC results including:

- Automatically schedule reports

- Immediately compare customer feedback based on real time, real customer benchmarks

- Inject your VoC results into business processes and other tools

Every business is different and has different requirements of a VoC solution. That’s why iPerceptions provides different plans to suit every businesses' needs from FREE to PROFESSIONAL.

You can maximize your research investment through iPerceptions full suite of personalized, professional services. So you can customize your VoC solution to suit your needs and budget.


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