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Active Research - your competitive advantage

  • Understand
    the 'why' behind the 'what'

    Go beyond web analytics data and understand your customers needs, wants and desires.

  • Compare
    your performance

    Analyze your results in context to your industry to prioritize your next steps with comparative benchmarking.

  • Achieve
    a significant ROI

    Do high quality research with frameworks designed specifically around your business objectives


The pillars of Active Research

Engaging customers in the MOMENT OF TRUTH to provide a competitive advantage across the digital lifecycle

    • magnifying glass
    • Frameworks

      What do you need to research?

      Take a structured approach to capturing insights based on your business objectives. iPerceptions puts your business objectives at the forefront of your research with frameworks that address the different facets of the digital customer lifecycle.

    • iPerceptions survey on multiple devices
    • Engagement

      How do you engage?

      iPerceptions provides the capabilities to engage with your customers in the ‘Moment of Truth’ on multiple digital touch points. Gain insights from tactical to strategic with methods to collect a random sample and comment cards to connect with individual customers.

    • 3D bar graph illustration
    • Injection

      How do you act on data?

      Increase your ROI by injecting insights into your business processes. From customer support systems to session replay to web analytics, iPerceptions puts your business applications on steroids. Truly understand your customers, recognize their needs and take action in real-time.




Looking for concrete insights? 4 compelling reasons to use structured research

We are all too familiar with the phrase “don’t re-invent the wheel”, yet many research firms and agencies re-invent the wheel each time they design a custom Voice of the Customer (VoC) research project for their clients. Many agencies try to create their VoC project from scratch when actually taking a framework approach would get the project off the ground quicker and would derive trusted results and concrete insights. 

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The Digital Customer Lifecycle

Digital Customer Lifecycle small

The traditional, linear understanding of the customer journey is being turned on its head in our multi-channel and interconnected digital world. As the century-old “shotgun” approach of traditional mass advertising is being replaced with a concern for meaningful, targeted brand experiences, marketers must anticipate their customers’ needs in order to make an impact.

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Power your chat solution with intent marketing

Chat solutions are increasingly becoming a must for websites, especially e-commerce sites, to offer the best possible customer experience. According to Forrester, the rates of chat usage as a customer service engagement channel have grown from 30% in 2009 to 43% in 2012. More and more it is being used to reach visitors before they abandon their online purchase and to increase online conversion.

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3 reasons for using multiple feedback methods for your digital research

feedback small

Nowadays, there are numerous ways in which you can gather feedback from your website visitors, all with their own advantages. If you have a survey running on your website, you likely already appreciate the immense value you can get from engaging with your visitors and gathering their feedback. These surveys can prove to be very valuable in gathering a strategic perspective on your website as they collect a representative sample of your visitors.     

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Get a survey running on your website in 5 easy steps

Have you already finished designing your survey, and are looking for guidance for what to do next to launch this survey on your website? While implementations can often differ from website to website, below are some pointers to keep in mind when implementing iPerceptions surveys on your website to ensure that it goes smoothly. Before getting started, we always recommend checking out our documentation for Desktop and Mobile/Tablet surveys. These documents provide detailed overviews of the implementation processes for both types of surveys, and also provide introductions to their respective invitation methodologies.

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