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VoC Project Management Services

Get your Voice of the Customer program started fast and running smoothly.

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Our experts act as an extension of your team

From programming and testing your surveys and comment cards, all the way to helping you manage these projects over time, our Customer Success and Implementation experts are there to help you get the most out of your VoC projects.

Customer Success

To keep the needle pointing in the right direction, our team provides training on the iperceptions platform and technology. Complimented by our ongoing technical support, we ensure your success is prioritized.

Implementation and QA

Limited resources and aggressive timelines only make us work harder for you. As you continuously update your surveys, we monitor data quality, troubleshoot implementation issues, check for spelling and grammar errors, and more. By integrating your customer feedback with other tools, you’ll avoid delays, internal resource headaches, and stay within budget.


When iperceptions’ proprietary API connects customer feedback into your favorite marketing technologies, you can enjoy seamless integration and a wide breadth of data. By empowering you with this information, you can execute precise decisions that boost your organization’s efficiency.

iperceptions Analytics Services

Our team of experts can also help you design, manage, and extract insights from your Voice of the Customer program, so you can focus on taking action and improving CX.

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