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    Our SaaS platform provides insights to improve the digital customer experience, with 24/7 access to your customer feedback and advanced reporting.

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  • Research Solutions

    Look under the bonnet and see how our platform works. From designing your survey all the way to analyzing your results, our platform makes it easy to do research.

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    • Customize Look and Feel
    • Customize the Look and Feel

      Make sure your surveys and Comment Cards reflect the brand your customers trust – yours. Choose from various design templates to personalize with your logo and unique brand identity. From the invitation to the Thank You page, every element of the research process will look and sound like all your customer communications.

    • Ask the Right Questions

      Quickly design research with proven survey templates through our Survey Creation Wizard. Or just do it yourself and create a Custom Survey with our handy and user-friendly questionnaire design interface.

    • Ask questions
    • 32 Languages
    • We Speak 32 Languages

      Every voice is important. So whatever language your customers speak, you can collect their feedback. Choose to have your survey appear in over 30 languages.

    • Research Options Abound

      Get the research you want, when you want it. iPerceptions offers options for every research need and budget. Create iPerceptions Certified Surveys based on frameworks for benchmarking capabilities, or craft your own survey with our Custom Surveys. If you don’t need a formal survey, consider using Comments Cards. Comment Cards are an excellent way to gather new product ideas and customer feedback of every kind.

    • Research Options
    • Install instantly
    • Install Instantly

      Get your surveys and Comment Cards up and running fast. Just embed a simple JavaScript code into your website to control all the functionality through our platform.

    • Survey Invitation Rates at your Command

      Who receives your survey? On which device will it appear? How often will certain customers receive it? iPerceptions puts the controls in your hands. Simply adjust the percentage rate of overall website visitors to receive survey invitations. Choose mobile, tablet and desktop collection, or a combination of all. With iPerceptions, you control the interaction at every level.

    • Invitation rates
    • Less is more
    • Fewer Customers Asked, More Customer Respond

      How is that possible? iPerceptions’ advanced intercept technologies work to keep invitation rates low but response rates high. Widely recognized as the industry’s best, our tools can even trigger a very tactical piece of research based on a variety of criteria, including on arrival, on login, on event or on page view.

    • Add Google Analytics
    • See What They Do, Hear What They Say

      Just add Google Analytics, so you can see your customers’ feedback next to what they are actually doing on your website. When you integrate Google Analytics with iPerceptions' powerful reporting tools, you create reports and analyze with the benefit of Google Analytics data.

    • Research Rewind

      Replay individual customer sessions to gain greater insight. Just pull your Tealeaf session replay data with iPerceptions. Tealeaf integration is easy with iPerceptions.

    • Add Tealeaf
    • Add custom
    • Custom Integration

      At iPerceptions, we can perform seamless integrations with Omniture, Coremetrics and other solutions to analyze all your data at a glance. This way, you can pull behavioral metrics into your iPerceptions analytic tools to better understand site behavior and identify key market opportunities. Best of all, you can see the value of acting on the Voice of your Customer – both in your ROI and your customer experience.

    • Flexible Data Export

      Export your survey data to Excel, CSV and XML for further analysis or combine it with other systems. We can even export it to SPSS.

    • Flexible export
    • Real-time performance
    • Real-Time Performance, At a Glance

      It’s all here on your iPerceptions dashboard. Log in for an overview of the all the key metrics you need, including Task Completion and Overall Satisfaction. Find out how your website is performing in real time, anytime.

    • Monitor Metrics That Matter Most

      Take a closer look at your customers’ website interactions. With iPerceptions you can monitor and highlight the significant aspects of your website experience.

    • Monitor metrics
    • Schedule report
    • Monitor Metrics That Matter Most

      Take a closer look at your customers’ website interactions. With iPerceptions you can monitor and highlight the significant aspects of your website experience.

    • Survey Statistics Snapshots

      Check in on your survey with iPerceptions’ survey statistics. Each snapshot shows you how many respondents completed your survey, started it, and the average time it took to complete it.

    • Statistics snapshot
    • Follow trends
    • Follow the Trends

      Dig down deep into your data and see the key trends over time by Overall Experience and Task Completion. Also, see which areas you need to improve to increase Task Completion and the Overall Experience.

    • Analyze Easily with Descriptive Statistics

      Display all your survey results in easy-to-understand graphs and charts, so you can effortlessly sort, bookmark and disseminate the results of your survey.

    • Descriptive Stats
    • Prioritize
    • Prioritize with Precision

      See where you need to take action and what to prioritize with iPerceptions’ grids. Each easy-to-understand grid outlines the different iPSI dimensions by their influence and significance on the Overall Experience. Only available with iPSI Experience Framework.

    • Zoom in on Key Customer Comments

      Open text responses from customers present a treasure chest of insight for companies. With so many product ideas, tactical issues and general feedback to read, extracting main concepts to prioritize is overwhelming. That’s where the iPerceptions’ Concept Cloud and Word Cloud come in. By quickly pinpointing key concepts in open text responses, the Concept Cloud and Word Cloud report the most pertinent topics, so you can respond quickly to the issues that matter most to your customers.

    • Word Cloud and Concept Cloud
    • Benchmark
    • Benchmark the Spot

      iPerceptions offers the world’s largest visitor experience benchmark, so you can accurately compare your performance within your industry based exclusively on real visitor data.

    • See Results from Every Angle with BI Reporting

      Advanced business intelligence reporting highlights every facet of your research results. This powerful reporting tool enables you to combine, analyze and act on a mix of quantitative data and qualitative feedback.

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    • BI reporting
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