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  • Get the insights you need to  make smarter decisions

    With intuitive and interactive dashboards identify problems and opportunities to draw out actionable solutions.


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  • Real Time Analysis

    View and analyze your survey results in real time, so you make the right business decisions.

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  • Graphs & Charts

    Quickly grasp and zoom in on critical information with reporting graphs and charts.

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  • Filtering and Flagging

    Create custom categories and flag comments to prioritize your feedback.

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  • Data export

    Export your survey data to Excel, CSV and XML for further analysis or combine it with other systems.

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  • PDF Printing

    PDF your reports to share key customer insights within your organization.

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  • Schedule Reporting

    Schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports so you never miss any customers’ insights

Reporting Dashboards

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  • KPI Dashboard

    See a snapshot of how your website is performing with KPIs of your task completion and overall satisfaction.

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  • Survey Statistics

    Quickly grasp your survey’s performance from how many respondents completed your survey to average completion.

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  • Text mining

    Pin pointing key concepts in open text responses with advanced text mining capabilities.

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  • Comparative Benchmarking

    Leverage the world’s largest visitor experience benchmark to accurately compare your performance within your industry.

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  • Advanced BI Reporting

    Get to heart of the customer experience by combining, analyzing and acting on quantitative data and qualitative feedback.

iPerceptions' Voice of the Customer Brochure

Collect the voice of your customers USING IPERCEPTIONS

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