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  • Drive business decisions with Actionable KPIs

    Focus your analysis with key performance indicators (KPIs) including your website’s task completion, overall experience and visitor intent.


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  • Eliminate guesswork

    Let your feedback guide your marketing strategies.

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  • Compare key metrics

    Gain key insights to improve the customer experience.

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  • KPI  at a glance

    See a real picture of your company’s performance.


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    • Crosstabs

      Relationships between different data points

      Perform crosstabs using the data that was collected from the close-ended questions in your survey and inject your Google Analytics data for greater flexibility.

    • Intent metrics

      Instant insight into your top visitor intent

      Quickly see what are the top reasons visitors are coming to your website to help prioritize your analysis.

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    • Performance metrics

      Understand key website drivers

      See your website’s task completion and overall satisfaction for a real-time look into your website’s customer experience.