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    Leverage the industry’s largest comparative experience and intent database with the ability to segment by intent, overall experience and task completion based on your industry or site type.

How it Works

iPerceptions provides robust and distinct benchmarking capabilities to shed light on how your site compares to others. iPerceptions Experience & Intent Benchmark is made up of 100% real customer insights to provide you with the right context for your industry and site objective, without the need to leverage panel research.


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    • iPerceptions Intent Benchmark™

      When it comes to measuring the performance of your website it’s essential that your metrics align to your ultimate business objective. iPerceptions Intent Benchmark compares your website’s task completion by purpose of visit against sites with the same business objective to provide greater context to measure your site’s effectiveness.

    • Site objectives and industries

      Benchmark your results to your respective site objective and industry, iPerceptions provides the flexibility to compare your performance to any or all of  our 15+ industries and 6 site objectives via interactive reporting available in the SaaS Active Research Platform.

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    • Trended Benchmarks

      Provide context to your results with monthly, quarterly and yearly trending of your task completion and overall experience scores relative to any or all site objectives and industries. Export graphs to PDF and PPT to easily share with colleagues or export the data to Excel for more advanced analysis.