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  • Voice of the Customer Solutions

    Our Voice of the Customer Solutions provide a competitive advantage by turning customer feedback into actionable intelligence.

  • What are Voice of the Customer Solutions?

    iPerceptions captures customer feedback in the ‘Moment of Truth’ using advanced engagement technologies and trusted research frameworks, giving you the insights you need to improve the customer experience.

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The pillars of iPerceptions' Voice of the Customer Solutions

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  • Frameworks
    What do you research?

    Take a structured approach to research with frameworks that capture insights that match your business needs. Use our frameworks to trend your results over time and benchmark your performance.

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  • Engagement
    How do you engage?

    Engage with your customers at the ‘Moment of Truth’ (the most critical time in the browsing/shopping experience) for reliable and accurate insights using our engagement technology.

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  • Injection
    How do you inject data?

    Inject your insights directly into your business systems to take action in real-time. Our injection APIs allow seamless connections with your existing systems giving you the power to make better decisions.

iPerceptions' Voice of the Customer Brochure

Collect the voice of your customers USING IPERCEPTIONS

Download our Solutions Brochure to see how iPerceptions' VoC technology can help you analyze and take action to improve your customers' experience.

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