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  • Experience Optimization

    iPerceptions' Experience Optimization Solution recognizes when to solicit feedback to improve site usability and the customer experience.


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  • Optimize Insights

    Intelligent triggering recognizes when to ask visitors’ providing  the most relevant and actionable insights.

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  • Improve Site Usability

    Engage with visitors when it matters and discover your site’s strengths and weaknesses from your visitors’ perspective.

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  • Take Action

    Understand and prioritize next steps with integrated clickstream reporting for visibility into the entire visit.

Optimize insights with recognition intelligence

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  • iPerceptions' Experience Optimization Solution helps discover website issues by recognizing when to solicit your visitors with a short and focused survey. Powered by our Active Recognition Technology, the intelligent triggering is constantly learning which site visitors are most “in-target” ensuring you collect the most relevant and actionable insights.

Improve site usability by engaging
the right visitors at the right time

  • The customers’ perspective is critical to understanding whether you have site usability issues that will turn into a negative experience for your visitors. iPerceptions Experience Optimization Solution accurately pinpoints visitors experiencing usability issues and engages with them for their perspective. Giving you the power to optimize the site by understanding the drivers that impact the customer experience.

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Take action with integrated clickstream reporting

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  • Combining customer feedback (the why) and behavioral data (the what) is critical to understanding the customer experience. That’s why iPerceptions integrates the visitor’s clickstream data directly into the real-time and interactive reporting. This provides visibility of the entire visit which helps understand the next steps to improve the customer experience.