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  • The Best Online Survey For a Website!

    Developed with Avinash Kaushik (Google Analytics guru), 4Q provides a simple way to evaluate the online experience and identify areas of improvement. Try it now!

How it Works

4Q is a framework that collects feedback from your website visitors to measure the customer experience and understand visitor intent. It includes 4 questions that help answer:

    • customerInsightsS.png
    • Who

      is here?

    • systemsInjectionS-1.png
    • Why

      are they here?

    • lightbulbT.png
    • How

      am I doing?

    • meterT.png
    • What

      do I need to fix?

Why 4Q

    • Multiple Languages Supported
    • 30+ languages

      Speak you customers’ language

      To ensure all your customers have a voice, the 4Q Framework has been translated into over 30 languages.

    • Google Analytics Injection

      Understand the ‘Why’ behind the ‘What’

      See your web analytics data in context by connecting 4Q with Google Analytics to understand your customers’ needs and desires.

    • Google Analytics
    • Reporting tool
    • Reporting tools

      Reporting that provides clear insights

      To take the hassle out of analyzing data, the Active Research platform includes a suite of intuitive reporting tools for discovering valuable insight.

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