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  • The best Voice of the Customer platform

    Multiple languages, customize the branding, have multi-user access and much more — all in one integrated Voice of the Customer SaaS platform.

  • Feedback Collection Features

  • Collect actionable insights from your website visitors

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  • Unlimited responses

    Get insights with no limits on the number of survey or comment card responses you collect.

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  • Adjust invitation rate

    Manage your feedback by setting the percentage of visitors invited and when to re-invite.

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  • JavaScript installation

    Install our JavaScript code onto your website and get control of your research from our platform.

  • Invitation Types

  • Invite your way and choose from 3 different invitation methods to suit your needs and brand

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  • Layered Invitation

    A pop up overlaid over a webpage invites respondents to take your survey.

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  • Discreet Invitation

    A small pop-up on the right side of the screen invites respondents to take your survey.

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  • Redirected Invitation

    Direct respondents to another page where they are invited to take your survey.

  • Security Features

  • Protect your data with robust and powerful security measures

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  • Multiple Users

    Share your insights across your organization with multi-user roles and permissions settings.

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  • Secure Collection

    For an extra layer of security encrypt and transferred data using SSL secure collection.

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  • IP Privatization

    For sensitive research, easily deactivate the collection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

  • Design Features

  • Design and customize your research the way you want

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  • Look and feel

    Add your logo and choose from various design templates to complement your brand.

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  • Thank you pages

    Edit your ‘Welcome’ and ‘Thank You’ pages to extend your conversation with your visitors.

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  • 30+ Languages

    Every voice matters. Engage with your customers in every language they speak.

  • Question Types

  • Create engaging research with various question types to choose from

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  • Single Select

    Single-Select questions ask your respondents to provide 1 answer to the question shown.

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  • Set of Ratings

    Set-of-Ratings questions ask your respondents to rate multiple items on the same scale.

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  • Multi-Select

    Multi-Select questions ask your respondents to give 1 or multiple answers to the question shown.

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  • Calculated Fields

    Calculated Fields questions ask your respondents to assign weighting to their answers.

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  • Ranking

    Ranking questions ask your respondents to rank a list of items based on a certain scale.

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  • Open-Ended

    Open-ended questions add a text-entry box where answers are in free text.

  • Advanced Question Features

  • Make shorter, more relevant surveys with skip logic and piping

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  • Skip logic

    Use skip logic to send respondents to a future point in the survey or straight to the end.

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  • Piping

    Use piping to place text from a previous respondent’s answer into a following question.

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