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  • Engage with your customers in
    the Moment of Truth

    With over 12 years of experience, iPerceptions is at the forefront of engagement technology development.

  • How it works

  • With iPerceptions engage your customers in the Moment of Truth, the most critical point in the customer experience, to increase the reliability and accuracy of the insights you collect.

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  • Invite

    Invite a sample of your visitors to get focused, representative and actionable feedback.

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  • Trigger

    Trigger a survey based on behavioral parameters such as URL, time of day and location.

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  • Collect

    Collect a truly representative sample of your website’s visitors with equal probability for all.

  • Digital Engagement Touch points

  • Connect with your customers in a transparent and seamless fashion across your digital touch points.

iPerceptions' Voice of the Customer Brochure

Collect the voice of your customers USING IPERCEPTIONS

Download our Solutions Brochure to see how iPerceptions' VoC technology can help you analyze and take action to improve your customers' experience.

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