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  • Engage with your customers in the moment

    Engage your customers on their mobile and tablet devices with optimized feedback to identify device issues, visitor intent and increase conversion.

How it Works

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  • Intercept

    iPerceptions’ mobile solution randomly invites visitors to participate on arrival.

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  • Convenient visit

    A small icon appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen until the end of the visit.

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  • Survey

    At the end of their visit, the visitors can select the icon to begin the survey.


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    • Optimized interface

      Make customers want to give feedback

      From the collection interface to the question types, iPerceptions surveys are completely adapted to the mobile and tablet experience.

    • Reporting

      Compare mobile, tablet and desktop experience

      Use reporting that automatically segments your data by device for better and more enhanced analysis.

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    • Personalization

      Do research that compliments your brand

      Modify and personalize various elements of mobile and tablet surveys to mirror your brand, including the solicitation icon location, style, color, text and labels.