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  • The right invite On Desktop & Laptop

    Engage your customers on their desktops and laptops to better understand their intent, customer experience and barriers to purchase.

How it works

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  • Intercept

    iPerceptions randomly invites your visitors to participate in a survey at the end of their visit.

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  • Reminder window

    Once a visitor accepts, a reminder window appears under the active browser window.

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  • Survey

    At the end of the visit, the survey will become available within the reminder window.


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    • Personalization

      Engage using your brand

      Modify and personalize various elements of the survey invitation including adding your own logo and choosing from multiple design templates.

    • Engagement techniques

      Minimum interruption maximum insight

      Choose from 3 different engagement techniques that suite your needs and website.

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    • Invitation rate

      Representative sample for reliable results

      Easily control the invitation rate at which you would like to randomly invite your visitors to participate in your survey.