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Q. How can I get more respondents?
Getting more respondents is half art and half science. We recommend checking out your historical data for an idea on invitation rate. On average, about 1-2% of visitors who receive the invitation complete the survey. If you have 250 respondents per month and you assume a completion rate of 1%, you will need to invite 25,000 people. If your monthly (unique) traffic is 50,000, then you should set your invitation rate at 50% (25,000/50,000).
However, website visitor behavior differs from one site to the next. Lower engagement sites generally have a lower completion rate, whereas sites with a more engaged audience will have a higher completion rate. You will need to monitor your survey for the first few days to see if you’re oversampling or undersampling. Once you’ve established the average completion rate for your site, you should be able to set your invitation rate such that your sample is evenly distributed across the month.
Q. What are Comment Cards?
A feedback form that lets you engage with your customers and solicit feedback in their own words. Learn More >
Q. Is there a limit on data collected / analyzed?
They are no limits on the amount of responses you can collect and analyze from your surveys or comment cards.
Q. Can I re-launch an old survey that I ran earlier?
Yes and that is why it is important to switch your survey to inactive when you are done collecting your responses. Remember, you can always turn it on if you want to start collecting again.
Q. Can I export in SPSS?
Yes, just contact us and our friendly implementation team will be able to help you.

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