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Q. What is VoC?
VoC encompasses every touch point of the customer experience from in-store to digital platforms including social media and mobile. At iPerceptions we specialize in digital platforms including mobile, tablet and desktop touch points and use surveys and comment cards to provide a complete view of the customer experience. Learn More >
Q. How can I get more respondents?
Getting more respondents is half art and half science. We recommend checking out your historical data for an idea on invitation rate. On average, about 1-2% of visitors who receive the invitation complete the survey. If you have 250 respondents per month and you assume a completion rate of 1%, you will need to invite 25,000 people. If your monthly (unique) traffic is 50,000, then you should set your invitation rate at 50% (25,000/50,000).
However, website visitor behavior differs from one site to the next. Lower engagement sites generally have a lower completion rate, whereas sites with a more engaged audience will have a higher completion rate. You will need to monitor your survey for the first few days to see if you’re oversampling or undersampling. Once you’ve established the average completion rate for your site, you should be able to set your invitation rate such that your sample is evenly distributed across the month.
Q. What’s a typical response rate?
The typical response rate (ie. the number of visitors that completed a survey divided by the number of visitors who were invited to participate) for surveys is between 2% and 6%. This means that even if you have 50 visitors a day, and your invitation rate is set to 100%, you may only get 1 respondent.
Q. What invitation rate should I set?
It all depends how big the traffic is on your website. Start by a higher invitation rates and rectify as the week goes by depending on the amount of respondents you collect.
Q. How many questions should I ask?
There is no set number of questions we would recommend asking. You may sometimes be able to obtain the answers you would like with a very short survey, while sometimes these answers can only be obtained with a more detailed survey. However, we always recommend constantly monitoring your survey statistics in our portal as they can provide a great sense of the length of your survey (e.g. average time to complete survey, whether there is a large proportion of respondents who do not complete the entire survey). As well, some question types may require more interactions (and more time) to answer than others, which also needs to be considered when reviewing the length of your survey. For example, single-select questions only require 1 click to answer, while a multi-select question may require 2 or more clicks to answer.
Q. Can I set the invitation rate?
Yes you can. Simply login to the iPerceptions Portal and click on “Adjust Invitation Response Rate.” Use the slider to adjust your invitation rate or enter the desired percentage into the box.
Q. What is active research?
Capturing the Voice of the Customer in the moment of truth using advanced intercept technologies and trusted research frameworks to drive real-time actions in business processes. Learn More >


Q. Does it work on intranet?
The solution works on Intranet as long as the Intranet has HTTP access to the outside world. The solution does not support localhost URLs.
Q. Does it work on secure pages (https)?
Yes, it works on both HTTP and HTTPS pages.
Q. Does it integrate with Google Analytics?
You can select survey questions to send into Google Analytics as Events. The most common metrics from Google Analytics can be pulled into the iPerceptions online portal to be analyzed directly with your survey data. Learn More >
Q. Does it work on mobile?
The iPerceptions survey solution supports desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Learn More >
Q. Do I have to code or modify my website?
Including an iPerceptions survey is as simple as injecting a small JavaScript snippet into your website.
Q. Is there an API to push custom data?
There is no officially supported API, but an iPerceptions Implementation Specialist can get you up and running to push any additional datapoints with your survey. For more information contact us.
Q. Does it work on all browsers?
The iPerceptions survey solution is supported across all of the latest desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers.
Q. Does it work with Flash sites?
iPerceptions can be used on flash sites. Depending on how your site is configured, you may need to enable the “remove flash” option in your survey configuration.
Q. How do I install a survey?
It's as simple as injecting a small JavaScript snippet into your website.
Q. How do I install Comment Cards?
Using a Comment Card can be done in two steps. First, install the provided JavaScript library and feedback form icons on your web server. Then, in your website code, include the JavaScript library to make the feedback form available.
Q. What are Comment Cards?
A feedback form that lets you engage with your customers and solicit feedback in their own words. Learn More >


Q. How do we handle cookies?
iPerceptions uses cookies to make sure that a visitor receives only a single survey invitation when they visit a website.

User management

Q. Can I have my whole team working on iPerceptions?
Yes you can. With our platform, multiple individual users can work and receive automatic updates. Just configure the roles and permissions of each user and start spreading the learning across your organization.
Q. Can I restrict my team’s access?
Yes, with our platform, you can configure the roles and permissions of each user.

Survey features / setup

Q. How many websites or domains are allowed?
You can have an unlimited number of domains and websites.
Q. Is my language supported?
Every voice is important. So whatever language your customers speak, you can collect their feedback. Choose to have your survey appear in over 32 languages.
Q. Is there a limit on data collected / analyzed?
They are no limits on the amount of responses you can collect and analyze from your surveys or comment cards.
Q. Can I target visitors I want to survey?
If you would like to invite any types of visitors, but only focus the survey on a certain group of these visitors, you could consider adding a qualifying question as the first question within your survey (e.g. “Are you a current subscriber?”), and then applying advanced skip logic where only respondents who answered a certain way can view the rest of the survey (e.g. “Current Subscribers”). In addition to this method, you could consider placing the iPerceptions script only within certain sections of your website so as to only invite visitors who were accessing this particular section.
Q. Can I set conditions for the survey to appear?
Yes you can. Using simple invitation cookies, you can control the percentage of customers to invite and when to re-invite them (generally after 90 days). You can even adjust where the survey invitation appears, on your customers’ mobile phones, tablets and desktops. This freedom helps you manage your customer relationship while gathering valuable feedback.
Q. How many surveys can I run at the same time?
With the PROFESSIONAL plan you can run an unlimited number of surveys at the same time. Compare Plans >
Q. Can I re-launch an old survey that I ran earlier?
Yes and that is why it is important to switch your survey to inactive when you are done collecting your responses. Remember, you can always turn it on if you want to start collecting again.
Q. Can I customize my survey?
Make sure your surveys and comment cards reflect the brand your customers trust – yours. Choose from various design templates to personalize with your logo and unique brand identity. From the invitation to thank you page, every element of the research process will look and sound like all your customer communication.
Q. Can I publish survey on my Facebook page?
Yes, with iPerceptions Facebook User Feedback Solution. Learn More >
Q. Can I collect respondent’s email?
One of the question types we offer with our solutions is “Request Form Fields”, which you can used to provide respondents with the option of providing their e-mail address.

Feedback features

Q. Can I change the questions?
Yes you can. Sometimes you need to do your own research. Maybe you need answers to a specific business problem or want to run a quick employee survey. So iPerceptions makes it easy to write your own survey with any questions you like with custom surveys. Learn More >
Q. Can I customize my Comment Cards?
Yes, in a similar way as the layout Invitation, the Comment Cards can be customize to look like your brand identity.

Plan / pricing

Q. Can I have a trial version?
You can use the Free version as long as you need to get familiar with the tool.
Q. How can I delete my account?
If you choose to delete your account, then everything related to this account will be removed (including any customizations, collected data or user profiles). Please note that this step is irreversible… data cannot be recovered after a deletion.

If you are a paying customer we suggest simply downgrading your account to the Free solution and removing the javascript from your website. There will be no further charges on your account, and no more data will be collected. However, if you decide to come back in several months time, your data will be waiting for you.

Q. Types of payment are accepted?
We accept payment via credit card and Paypal.
Q. Are there yearly payment option?
All our plans are yearly subscriptions.
Q. Do you offer invoice based billing?
Of course, you will received an invoice the same day we will received your payment.
Q. Do you offer Discounts to Not for profit or Government organizations?
We are working on some discount plans, please contact us to know more about it.
Q. I’m an agency, may I have a white label option?
Please contact our friendly sales team for further information on 1-866-669-5499.


Q. What reports can I run?
- KPI Dashboard : View the Task Completion and Overall Satisfaction of your website visitors over any period of time.
- Survey Statistics : View a snapshot of how many respondents have completed your survey, started your survey and the average time it takes for your respondents to complete your survey.
- Descriptive Statistics : View a snapshot of all of your close-ended data within a selected period of time.
- Priority Grid : Determine the key drivers of your respondents’ satisfaction using an iPSI Experience Framework survey.
- Text Mining: View, categorize, filter and flag all of your open-ended feedback. Comparative Benchmarking: Compare yourself to your respective industry in terms of Task Completion and Overall Satisfaction.
Q. Can I export in SPSS?
Yes, just contact us and our friendly implementation team will be able to help you.