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Just because you missed the live presentations doesn't mean you can't benefit from the great information available in our past webinars.


Introduction to the Active Research Platform

Take a look and discover the iPerceptions difference. From designing your survey to analyzing your results, iPerceptions makes it easy to conduct online research.

The Active Research Platform by iPerceptions

Look under the hood and see how iPerceptions Active Research platform works. From designing your survey all the way to analyzing your results, our platform makes it easy to do Voice of the Customer (VoC) research. So from mobile surveys to feedback forms, iPerceptions Active Research Platform has you covered.


An Introduction To 4Q: Now Be Truly Customer Centric!

4Q is a Framework from iPerceptions and Avinash Kaushik. 4Q helps capture critical Voice of Customer to help you identify actionable insights that will improve your bottom-line. It is easy to implement, free to use - no strings attached, and you also get a set of easy to analyze reports!