Product Sheets



iperceptions digital voc solutions

This brochure provides an overview of iPerceptions’ digital VOC solutions, including our SaaS Platform, reporting capabilities, professional services, as well as our Audience Solutions.


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Advanced exploration

This brochure looks at iPerceptions' Advanced Exploration reporting, a data discovery feature that provides the flexibility and agility to visualize and dig deeper into your VoC data.

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interactive kpi dashboards

This brochure looks at iPerceptions' KPI Dashboards, which make it easier than ever for you to discover, dissect and disseminate the voice of your customers.

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Experience optimization solution

This brochure looks at iPerceptions' Experience Optimization Solution, which helps you improve site usability by engaging only with visitors that are most likely to provide feedback.

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Mobile App Solution

This brochure looks at iPerceptions' Mobile App Solution, which helps you better understand your users’ in-app experience so you can optimize your app’s performance.

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Experience and intent benchmark

This brochure provides an overview of iPerceptions' Experience and Intent Benchmark, the industry’s largest comparative experience and intent database.

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