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iperceptions Releases Experience Optimization Solution To Help Brands Enhance Customer Experience

Martech Advisor – June 24, 2015  – Leading player in the digital consumer research and recognition space, iPerceptions has announced the release of the iperceptions Experience Optimization Solution that provides usability and optimization teams with insights that help enhance customer experience.

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iperceptions Launches the First Website Optimization Solution That Recognizes When to Solicit Visitors

iperceptions Experience Optimization Solution Helps Brands Improve The Customer Experience By Collecting Feedback From Visitors Who Are Recognized To Have Strong Opinions

MONTREAL, QC – June 23rd, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer research and recognition, today released iperceptions Experience Optimization Solution which provides the insights that optimization and usability teams need to improve the customer experience. By engaging with visitors that are likely to have extreme positive and negative experiences, brands collect insights on what is working and highlight areas for improvement from a site optimization perspective.

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iperceptions Wins Prestigious OCTAS Innovation Award

iperceptions Receives Top Honors for its Active Recognition Technology, A Patent Pending Technology That Revolutionizes How Companies Monetize Their Web Traffic

MONTREAL, QC – June 2nd, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer research, was awarded top honors in the Innovation PME category for its Active Recognition Technology at the annual OCTAS awards gala held on May 28th at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. The OCTAS competition organized by the IT ACTION Network recognizes companies and organizations for their creativity, vitality and exceptional contribution to the growth of the information technology industry.

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Easing the Process of Customer Research

Website magazine – May 07, 2015  – Brands are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve their websites and one of the best ways for brands to discover areas that need improvement is simply by asking their visitors.

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iperceptions Launches Universal Code to Empower Marketers to Conduct Voice of Customer Research with Greater Agility

iperceptions’ Universal Code provides best-in-class capabilities to target and capture insights across different customer segments

MONTREAL, QC, May 6th, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer research, today announced the release of its Universal Code to all users of its Active Research Platform. The Universal Code centralizes all of iperceptions’ Voice of the Customer research projects into one code, which empowers marketers to create, launch, edit and manage multiple research projects with almost no reliance on IT resources. Once the script is on all pages of a website, marketers gain the speed and agility to control their own research via the Active Research platform.

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Transat Tours Canada Selects iperceptions to Measure their Digital Customer Experience

Leading International Tour Operator Selects iperceptions as their Voice of the Customer provider to better understand and measure the customer experience across their digital properties

MONTREAL, QC – March 26, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer research, today announced that Transat Tours Canada has chosen iperceptions as its digital customer experience solution. Powered by iperceptions technology, Transat Tours Canada will engage with its visitors to collect a representative view of their intent, needs and expectations. This data will help Transat Tours Canada continuously track and monitor the customer experience across their digital properties.

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iperceptions’ Active Recognition Technology is Nominated for New Technology of the Year by Digital Analytics Association

iperceptions is recognized for its Contribution to the Digital Analytics Community

MONTREAL, QC – February 3rd, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer experience, today announced that its patent pending Active Recognition Technology™ is nominated for New Technology of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Awards for Excellence.

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Retargeting and the Role of First-Party Data

Business 2 Community – January 22, 2015  – With the sheer size and scale of the Internet, it is no surprise some individuals choose to browse several sites before committing to a product or service. However, every website visitor lost is a missed opportunity to create a loyal customer. This means that getting a visitor to return to a website is a monumental task. Here is where retargeting comes into play.

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Wellington Financial to provide Growth Capital to iperceptions

Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON – December 10th, 2014 – Wellington Financial LP, a privately held specialty finance firm, today announced a growth capital investment to iperceptions. Headquartered in Montreal, iperceptions is a leading digital customer research company specializing in ‘voice of the customer’ analytics. Many top Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, InterContinental Hotels, Logitech, and Ford trust iperceptions to improve the customer experience across their digital platforms.

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iperceptions' New Tool To Match Shopper Intent With Action

Marketing Mag – November 18, 2014  – Montreal-based marketing research firm iperceptions has launched a new tool it says will help marketers identify and target online visitors who are on e-commerce sites ready and willing to spend money.

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