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New iperceptions Text Analytics Platform Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Better Understand The Voice Of The Customer

MONTREAL, QC, August 10th, 2017 – iperceptions, a global leader in Voice of the Customer solutions, today announced the full public release of iper.text, which gives marketers the power to easily sift through and analyze huge amounts of customer feedback in real-time. Using advanced natural language processing and machine learning technology, iper.text continuously evaluates all open-ended feedback and organizes every comment by praise, problem, suggestion or brand mention. With iper.text, marketers can always stay on top of emerging issues and trends, so they can focus more of their time optimizing the customer experience.

"Unstructured feedback is a rich source of intelligence, but it requires sophisticated analysis and ample time to efficiently extract meaningful insights," said Pascal Cardinal, General Manager at iperceptions. "As a result, marketers with limited time and resources have often shied away from collecting large volumes of open-ended text. Now with iper.text, marketers can effortlessly uncover emerging trends from endless streams of feedback and prioritize customer experience improvements accordingly.”

iper.text performs sentiment analysis on collected customer feedback and can be used to categorize all sources of feedback, including social media streams, Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) or Customer Support transcriptions, to quickly highlight problems, as well as identify when praise is given or when suggestions are provided. Marketers can also dig deeper and contextualize their feedback using close-ended data from their iperceptions research, such as purchase horizon, demographics and visitor intent.

iper.text allows marketers to:

  • Stay on top of emerging trends using the the power of machine learning to automatically organize all open-ended feedback and save hours of time it would normally take to go through customer feedback.
  • Discover issues before they become widespread by instantly identifying feedback that raise problems, praise, suggestions, questions and mentions of a brand.
  • Share the feedback with the right people in the organization with tailor-made dashboards that focus on the feedback that is most relevant to each stakeholder.

iper.text leveraged the growing AI brain-trust that is emerging in Montreal. iperceptions has also been a leading force in the AI space in Montreal with its ad tech brand – Datacratic.              

Availability and Pricing

iper.text is available as an add-on to the iperceptions Enterprise Platform or as a stand alone platform.

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About iperceptions
iperceptions is a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions, helping the world's most respected brands become customer-centric organizations. iperceptions’ enterprise platform collects and analyzes the feedback of real visitors in real situations across the customer lifecycle. With an experienced team that has managed 1000’s of VoC programs since 1999, iperceptions offers a full range of services from survey design to deployment to analysis. iperceptions collects over 20M visitor feedback data-points every year across 1,200 brands and in 35 languages and is the trusted partner of world's most recognizable retail, hospitality, financial and automotive brands. To start doing marketing that's powered by the voice of your customers today, visit

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