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iperceptions Enhanced Text Mining Identifies Patterns Between Customer Behaviors and Attitudes

Active Research Text Mining Segments Open-Ended Feedback Using Web Analytics Data

MONTREAL, QC – December 16, 2013 – ipereptions, Inc., the inventor of Active Research™, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics, today announced enhanced text mining capabilities for its Active Research™ platform, including clickstream data segmentation for more granular and flexible analysis of open-ended feedback. The new version of Active Research text mining also includes closed-ended question data points to contextualize each response and seamless word and concept cloud integration for the most visually accurate representation of open-ended feedback.

"Unstructured feedback is a rich source of customer intelligence but it requires sophisticated analysis to efficiently extract actionable insights," said Derek Zakaib, Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing. "This enhanced text mining leverages advanced search capabilities, web analytics and close-ended survey data to draw out actionable insights and contextualize each open-ended response. The sophisticated analysis can be immediately viewed through word and concept clouds -- to give marketers an accelerated way to absorb information and take action."

Other enhancements to text mining include the ability to save and bookmark filters for future analysis or to share within the organization. Important and actionable open-ended feedback can be tagged and categorized and researchers or analysts can export open-ended responses directly to a CSV file for more granular analysis. In addition, the text mining user interface has been updated and performance improved to provide a superior experience.

Active Research text mining allows marketers to:

  • Discover themes, patterns and emerging trends in open-ended comments with advanced segmentation and open text search.
  • Perform more accurate analysis by filtering any open-ended questions.
  • Understand the context of customer feedback by adding up to 5 customizable data points such as browser, country, overall experience and many more to each response.
  • View a visually accurate representation of open-ended feedback through seamless Word and Concept Clouds.

For more details on all the new features and capabilities, go to: ipereptions Active Research text mining webinar.

About ipereptions
ipereptions, Inc. is the inventor of Active Research™, the evolution of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ Platform, which addresses specific business objectives by capturing visitor perceptions in the ‘Moment of Truth’ using advanced engagement technologies and trusted research frameworks to drive actions in existing business processes. Founded in 1999, ipereptions has more than 22,000 clients worldwide that trust ipereptions for in-depth analysis of real visitors’ behavior. See how ipereptions can improve the entire customer lifecycle and your bottom line today, visit and

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