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iperceptions’ Active Recognition Technology is Nominated for New Technology of the Year by Digital Analytics Association

iperceptions is recognized for its Contribution to the Digital Analytics Community

MONTREAL, QC – February 3rd, 2015 – iperceptions, the leader in digital customer experience, today announced that its patent pending Active Recognition Technology™ is nominated for New Technology of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association (DAA) Awards for Excellence.

Launched at the eMetrics Summit in San Francisco, iperceptions Active Recognition Technology addresses the growing importance of using stated customer experience data to fuel marketing technologies in real-time. Active Recognition Technology overcomes the challenge of trying to infer a visitor’s intent from behavioral data by aligning Voice of the Customer data to the speed and velocity of big data. This allows iperceptions Active Recognition Technology to recognize a visitor’s intent in real-time without the need to ask them.

For the first time, marketers can accurately distinguish between visitor segments such as purchase intenders, researchers and support seekers to align experiences to a visitor’s intent. Intent segments can be used to fuel dynamic content engines or create more relevant retargeting campaigns by aligning content and bidding strategies. Other metrics such as task completion can also be used to recognize when to trigger a tactical feedback survey or a live chat window.

 “Active Recognition is a game changer as it extends the value of Customer Experience Research beyond measuring the past, to recognizing visitors intentions in real-time to deliver more personalized experiences,” said Duff Anderson, Senior Vice President and Co-founder at iperceptions. “We are very proud that our Active Recognition Technology is nominated for New Technology of the Year by the Digital Analytics Association.”

About the DAA Awards

The Awards for Excellence honors outstanding contributions in the field of digital analytics. The finalists will be determined by votes from the DAA's 5,000-plus members. Recipients of the awards will be selected by a panel of distinguished judges, including DAA leaders, industry experts and media influencers.

How to vote

Voting is limited to DAA members, so if you are a member, you should have received an email with your personal link to the online voting.

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About iperceptions
iperceptions is a leading digital customer research company that extends the value of Voice of the Customer beyond measuring the past, to recognizing visitors intentions in real-time for personalized experiences. The company’s solutions are powered by the Active Research™ SaaS Platform, which captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in the moment of truth using advanced engagement technologies. iperceptions is revolutionizing market research with Active Recognition™ which recognizes the intent of anonymous website visitors in real-time to provide personalized experiences. With over 20M visitor intent datapoints collected every year across 3,500 brands and in 32 languages, iperceptions is the trusted research solution of customer centric organizations. Improve your customer experience and bottom line today, visit

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