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Listening to your customers is more important than ever. We want to help you do this during these challenging times, and adapt to the new normal.

Enroll to this free 6-month program by September 1st, 2020* and take advantage of curated customer feedback solutions.

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The customer journey will be forever changed

"These are unprecedented times. Brands are forced to adapt to new realities and large shifts in customer behavior caused by COVID-19.

Listening to your customers - collecting their feedback - is crucial. Even more so, during a crisis. Understanding their needs and expectations helps you determine how best to support your customers today, and prepare for the lasting impacts of this crisis.

We want to do our part to remove barriers companies may have to gain these insights during these times. With our adapt customer feedback program, we want to give companies access to solutions to help them make customer-centric, insight-driven decisions that will help them and their customers navigate this crisis."

Pascal Cardinal

Pascal Cardinal

President & CEO, iperceptions

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Understand the disruption

Measure your customers’ needs and concerns from their point-of-view as you develop your response.

Start listening to your customers with our discreet customer feedback widget by adding a single piece of code to your website.

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Manage the change

Optimize your response as you adapt to maximize customer appreciation and brand reputation.

Identify customer pain points and process bottlenecks with reporting that delivers timely insights, including automated email reports and text mining capabilities.

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Adapt to the new normal

Understand what customer habits and expectations have taken hold during the crisis, so you can be ready.

Monitor the impact of the changes you make over the coming months with an interactive dashboard, and ensure you offer the best customer experience during these challenging times.

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Make the right decisions with targeted customer feedback solutions

Measure and track your customers' needs and sentiment with an easy-to-deploy Customer Experience measurement tool and intuitive reporting features.

  • Trend and identify shifts in your customers' needs over the coming months.

  • Gauge how customers perceive your brand’s response to COVID-19.

  • Mobilize your team towards the most important issues to address.

  • Find opportunities to innovate your offerings during and after the crisis.

Our experts will help you get up and running, quickly

Speed is essential in times like these. You can count on us to help you get started as fast as possible.

Our experts have managed 1000s of customer feedback programs since 1999, helping leading brands and Fortune 500 companies across several industries to measure, manage and improve the customer experience.

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*All enrollments to the iperceptions adapt program must be received before September 1st, 2020. The program’s 6-month period starts once an iperceptions survey has been deployed on the website. The iperceptions adapt program is available to any business that generates over $2M in annual revenue. Surveys can be deployed on up to 4 domains. Up to 3 user accounts can be associated with your account in the iperceptions platform. iperceptions reserves the right to use customer feedback data anonymously for benchmarking and analysis purposes. No personally identifiable data will be used or shared with any third-party. iperceptions adapt program users may terminate their 6-month access to the program at any time without penalty by sending a termination request by email to Program termination requests will be handled within 2 business days following reception. All program users agree to the iperceptions terms and conditions available here.