Who We Are

A trusted market research firm and global leader in Voice of Customer analytics, iPerceptions captures customer perceptions in the moment of truth using advanced intercept technologies and proven research frameworks to deliver action in real-time. Established in 1999, iPerceptions provides essential insights to over 14,000 brands including Dell, InterContinental Hotels, FedEx, Harvard Business Review, Lego and Ford.


What We Do

At iPerceptions, we help companies create a direct dialog with their customers. By turning millions of customer data points into actionable directives, we improve the customer experience at every level. From the website to customer service to feedback on advertising -- with broad access to near real-time market research, iPerceptions prioritizes issues that matter most to customers. So our clients can respond rapidly, boosting customer loyalty and company profits.


How We Work

The iPerceptions Active Research Platform injects VoC results into business processes to provide seamless integration of customer insights and improve the overall customer experience. To ensure the reliability of results, iPerceptions uses multiple proven methodologies and frameworks to collect feedback at critical points in the customer experience. Real-time data from iPSI Experience Framework and 4Q Task Completion Framework allows for comparative and global benchmarking, putting all results into context. Then it automatically feeds into Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting to help our clients gain a more complete picture of who their customers are and what they truly want.