iPerceptions Reviews and Testimonials

Trusted by the world’s leading brands in every major industry, those seeking a reimagined approach to Voice of Customer analytics to create better customer experiences choose iPerceptions. Here are just some select iPerceptions reviews from the hundreds of clients we are proud to serve:

"Engaging our customers through viral media channels, social networks and our own Web site is increasingly important as we strive to reach buyers and sellers wherever they are consuming news and information. By tapping the real voices of our customers, iPerceptions is able to provide insights that can impact every part of our online marketing mix."

"iPerceptions has helped us to understand who is coming to our site, why they've come, and whether or not they've been able to complete the tasks they set out to do. As a result, we've been able to gather extremely tactical data that has given us a great deal of insight into both cgi.com and its future evolution."

"IDG is focused on offering readers the very best experience at every online property. To do this, we need to know why our readers are there, what they want, how we are doing and what we can improve. iPerceptions is a way to get inside the hearts and minds of our readers to get the intelligence we need to drive our business forward in a competitive market."

"For over four years, iPerceptions' business intelligence solutions have provided our Internet marketing team with valuable insights and actionable information. From establishing brand buzz related to our 2003 Terry Tate Super Bowl promotion to simple site analysis, iPerceptions continues to develop amazing solutions that allow us to evaluate our own web initiatives as well as evaluate ongoing sponsorship opportunities. Their data is a significant asset to our overall online marketing efforts.”

"[iPerceptions solution] provided us with timely, in-depth and actionable feedback on who our web site users are, what they hoped to accomplish and how easily they were able to make a purchase. The results allowed us to focus our efforts in areas we know will generate a positive return like increasing the value of each online transaction - therefore increasing the site's ROI. The sector reports are a real bonus and help us benchmark our site with others sharing our space."

"After doing our due diligence in researching a solution that would allow us to hear the voice of our customers, iPerceptions’ best practices approach to customer satisfaction provides us with an in-depth ability to hear what our customers are saying about Videotron.com and work to optimize their online experience. We are keen to employ the iPerceptions Satisfaction Index (iPSI) in all online strategies, making our customer experience the best it can be."

"[iPerceptions solution] is invaluable in keeping us 100% focused on meeting our consumers' and advertiser's needs & expectations."

"We have only one thing to say : WOW"

"We are definitely placing a higher priority on addressing areas of concern which came up as key issues in failure to complete task. It will be key to see improvements in satisfaction once high-level changes are rolled out and if there is a correlation with brand loyalty and user engagement."