iPerceptions is redefining web analytics and turning online market research on its head. We're looking for people who are smart, creative, and vibrant to help us with our mission.

Boldly changing what it means to listen to customers

Democratizing the voice of the customer takes guts. Really listening to your customers means getting your hands dirty. It means acknowledging that, despite your most cherished pre-conceptions, your site exists for one reason and one reason alone: to satisfy your visitors. If it’s not succeeding in doing that, then it has to change.

The web is packed with insights. At iPerceptions, we’re shaking things up, rattling the bars that have until now limited the conversation about online customers to a few simple metrics like page views and time on site. We’re making sure the human voice is heard loud and clear.

To do this, we need people who are bold, edgy, and dynamic. People who are willing to upset the status quo in the name of the customer. Our clients rely on us to act as conduits for the hopes and frustrations of their visitors. We have a responsibility to be honest, to push them to optimize and improve, and to strive for customer-centricity at every step.

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