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  • Audience Solutions for Retargeting

    iPerceptions' Audience Solutions empowers digital marketers to create more relevant retargeting campaigns by aligning content and bidding strategies to visitors’ stated intent.


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  • Increase Conversion

    Recognize visitors most likely to purchase and display content that will drive conversion.

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  • Optimize Retargeting

    Align bidding strategies with a visitor’s intent to maximize campaign budget allocation.

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  • Support your goals

    Recognize a variety of qualifiers in addition to stated intent that supports your business objectives.

Increase conversion by enriching
your behavioral segments

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  • It is challenging to infer a visitor’s intent through behavioral cues alone. For instance, using the cart as an indication of purchase intent leads to targeting 56% of visitors with misaligned content leading to negative brand exposure as these visitors don’t intend to purchase.

     iPerceptions' Audience Solutions improves behavioral retargeting by enriching campaigns with stated visitor intent to ensure campaigns are relevant and aligned to the right audiences.

Optimize retargeting by aligning your bidding
strategy to campaign objectives

  • Not everyone is ready to buy, and “bombarding” a customer with sales offers when they are looking for support can quickly turn into a frustrating, negative experience impacting campaign performance and brand perception.

    iPerceptions accurately distinguishes between purchase intenders, researchers and support seekers to align content and bidding strategies to a visitor’s intent, ultimately improving engagement and campaign performance.


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Personalize the stated intent by recognizing
a variety of qualifiers

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  • Audience Solutions for Retargeting is flexible as it can also recognize a number of additional industry specific qualifiers including purchase horizon, in-store vs. online shopping, business vs. leisure, seller vs. buyer, demographics and others.

    This provides a higher level of relevance to retargeting campaigns reaching sub-sets of defined intent segments.