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  • create smarter audience segments

    Maximize the performance of your marketing systems with iPerceptions’ Audience Solutions that build audience segments from your visitors’ stated intentions.

    What is Audience Solutions?

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  • It all starts with your visitors' stated intent. Building on our 15+ years of expertise in digital customer research, iPerceptions takes a small representative sample of visitor intent and combines it with behavioral data to recognize the intent of all of your visitors using our Active Recognition Technology. With this data you can build unique audience segments that can increase your retargeting accuracy, boost your live chat conversions or create more personalized website experiences.

How does it work?

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  • 1. visitor

    iPerceptions asks 1% of visitors about their intent while observeing their behavior as they navigate your website.

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  • 2. Recognition Technology

    Based on this, our Active Recognition Technology identifies the audience you want to target, and accurately segments ALL visitors on your site.

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  • 3. Take Action in Real-Time

    iPerceptions' audience segments are pushed into your marketing systems (DMP, CMS, CRM, etc.) so that you can take action on them in real-time.


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  • Always learning

    The model continuously learns and adapts to website changes

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  • Improves the experience

    Create personalized experiences relevant to visitor intent

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  • No privacy concerns

    No personally identifiable information is used

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  • Boosts your ROI

    Increase your return from your existing marketing initiatives

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  • Accurately engage

    Engage with the right visitor at the right time

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  • Lower costs

    Lower operating and campaign costs

Additional Resources

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