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Voice of the Customer

[WHITE PAPER] What you need to know about Voice of the Customer methodologies

by iperceptions, on Mar 14, 2018

New research methods are constantly coming to the forefront. Every industry is inundated with the ‘next generation’ approach that will revolutionize their industry.

At iperceptions, we have seen this time and again in the Voice of the Customer (VoC) space. The pre-post methodology, asking visitors on arrival to your site for feedback at the end of their visit, was a turning point in collecting continuous feedback from your visitors.

Today, this methodology is now one of the many ways you can engage your visitors for their feedback. There are also just as many different channels on which you can engage them, whether it’s on your website, your mobile app or by email, to name a few. This has paved the way to a plethora of VoC methods from which you can choose, but not all of them are created equal.

The only way to make sure you choose the best VoC methodology for you, the one that will collect the right feedback for your current needs, is to first recognize that:

The way you engage your visitors has an enormous impact on the nature of the information you collect


In other words, when it comes to VoC research, one size doesn't fit all. Too often, marketers expect to collect the feedback they need regardless of how they engage their customers, when in fact, certain methods are only ideal for certain purposes.

Are you looking for representative feedback to help you make strategic decisions, or are you looking for targeted feedback to troubleshoot specific issues?

Before getting started with a VoC program, you need to confirm the business objectives you want to accomplish. These objectives serve as your guiding posts when choosing how you should approach your VoC research, the type of feedback you need to collect, and how you should go about collecting it.

Voice of the Customer Methodologies


Download our latest white paper, ‘Voice of the Customer Methodologies’, to learn about the different solicitation methods at your disposal to collect feedback from your customers as part of your VoC program, and best practices to collect the right customer feedback for your current business objectives.


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Cover of iperceptions white paper on Voice of the Customer methodologies

White Paper: Voice of the Customer Methodologies

Learn about the different ways you can collect feedback from your customers and how to select the right sampling methodology for your business objectives.
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