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How the University of Liverpool aced their website redesign

by iperceptions, on Mar 8, 2018

When you land on the University of Liverpool's website for the first time, one thing stands out - it's a global and connected University. 

With 4 campuses across the UK and Asia and virtual campuses in over 160 countries online, this is no big surprise.

With over 60,000 website pages attracting over 6.5 million users to the website per year, its website presence rivals that of a multinational corporation!

So when the team at the University of Liverpool decided to redesign their website, it was no mean feat.

To start with, they knew that they would need to hit the proverbial books and better understand their visitors’ digital experience. The team leveraged a range of tools such as web analytics and session replay. But what these tools lacked was the ability to understand their visitors’ needs, wants and expectations. 

As such, the University of Liverpool team turned to iPerceptions and its Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution.

By leveraging a combination of iPerceptions’ collection methodology and best practices, as well as iPerceptions’ team of experts, they were able to identify a number of valuable insights in the customer feedback

Equipped with insights from iPerceptions and other sources, the University of Liverpool team went about redesigning their website. The final website redesign result saw considerable improvements in both the Satisfaction and Task Completion of their visitors. Not only that, but they evolved into an award-winning website, receiving the 2017 Heist Award for best website, for which a judge commented: 

“The University of Liverpool have delivered an enhanced digital customer experience with this website, which uses beautiful bold images and a very cutting-edge look to exude confidence, whilst creating a community feel and great functionality.”

Download this case study on ‘How the University of Liverpool Improved the Website Experience’ to learn more about how the higher education institution leveraged iPerceptions to better understand their website visitors, and for detailed results of their website redesign.


Banner image: Courtesy of the University of Liverpool


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University of Liverpool case study

CASE STUDY: University of Liverpool Improves the Website Experience

Learn how the higher education institution leveraged iperceptions to boost the satisfaction and success rate of their website visitors.
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